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National College of Business Administration and Economics


National College of Business Administration and Economics, shortly termed as NCBA&E, it is basically a private institute situated in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1994, it was founded as a private institute. In 2002, the college finally got licensed by the Government of Punjab. The main focus of the university was on research. Based on the standard developed by HEC for university positioning in ... Read More »

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design


Fashion has acquired prominent place in today’s world and keeping this in mind many institutes have played their role to provide better understanding of fashion trends. Among these the most prominent institute that has played vital role in generating world class fashion designers know as Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, it is commonly known as PIFD. This institute offers ... Read More »

Superior University


In Pakistan, Superior University or Superior Groups of Colleges has established a chain of well organized colleges and universities. After opening a successful branch in Lahore it has launched more branches in Pakistan as well. In the year 2000 when the human race was heading towards a new millennium, at that time South Asian Education Promotional Network was in search ... Read More »

Institute of Management Sciences


In the list of lead class institutes one more institute is enrolled that is Institute of Management Sciences. Previously the Institute of Management sciences (IMS) was known as Pak-American Institute of Management Sciences shortly known as Pak-AIMS; it was basically a project of AKEF which is established in Lahore, Pakistan in 1987. AKEF offers undergraduate and graduate programs in management ... Read More »

The Imperial College of Business Studies


In 1991, Pakistan Benevolence and Social Management Trust established an institute known as The Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore shortly known as ICBS. The University of Hall, UK supported the preliminary development of ICBS. In no time the institute established beyond doubt reputation for reliability and brilliance in higher education. In Business administration and related areas the institution offers ... Read More »

University of Central Punjab


A well-known university of Pakistan located in Lahore is known as University of Central Punjab shortly termed as UCP, it is a private sector university. Its history dates back in 1985 when Punjab College of Commerce, the first college was established in Lahore under the auspices of the Islamic Commerce Educational Society. In 1988, The Punjab Law College was established ... Read More »

University of Lahore

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established its name in the field of higher education and is reputed as one of the leading private sector general University. The University encompasses diverse disciplines varing from Medicine and dentistry and Engineering of the art and Social Sciences. The university emphasis on balanced progress and focus on human capital. They have built five purpose campuses at Lahore, Islamabad and ... Read More »

University of South Asia


The University of South Asia is a licensed university established in Lahore, Pakistan. It was initiated to uphold computer education but now it is giving certified degrees in various fields including Business Studies, Pharmaceutical, Law, Engineering, Architecture, fashion and design as well. There two campuses of the university one in Cantt and another one at Raiwind Road both equally maintain ... Read More »



UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, shortly termed as UMT is among the leading universities of Pakistan. The university offers graduate and postgraduate programs in various fields including Retail, Media, Fashion, Communication, Tourism, Technology and Travel. The focal point of the university is to provide first-class education, teaching, research, consultancy and outreach services to life skills and communicate guarantee growing mobility ... Read More »

National College of Arts


National College of Arts widely known by its abbreviation NCA, it is the oldest institute of art of higher learning established in Lahore, Pakistan. Previously NCA was identified as Mayo School of Arts. To perpetuate the memory of Lord Mayo the Mayo School of Industrial Art was initiated. He was the British Viceroy of India and in 1872 he was assassinated. The first principle of ... Read More »

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