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Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

Kaghan Valley of Pakistan is pretty generous in offering a host of natural scenes which captivate human eyes and hearts. Dudiptsar Lake is one of those eye-catching sights the stunning beauty of which takes the breaths.

The lake is formed by the water trickled down from the mountains around it. Thus, the scenic beauty of Dudiptsar Lakeis composed of the snow clad mountains and presents the greenish blue colored water 3,800 meters high. The mountains neighboring the lake are at an average elevation of 4,800 meters.

Situated in the extreme north of Kaghan Valley in Lulusar Dudiptsar National Park in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwah province, it is called Dudiptsar Lake as Dudi stands for white like milk and Sar means lake. The park fosters Himalayan Snowcock, Black bear, Lynx, Leopard,Snow partridge, Marmot, and Weasel. Lulusar Lake in the same park is a beauty adjacent with the beauty! Green meadows, snow-white mountains, lakes with mirror-like water and the beautiful people………A heaven on earth!

Intensely cold weather hinders the accessibility of the visitors and tourists and allows them to enter the world of beauty from June to September every year. Only motorbikes and cars are the accessible transportation modes. The lake is abundant in trout, one of the best in taste fish in Pakistan.

In summer people from Pakistan and all over the world visit the lake and enjoy its splendor. In the mornings, its water embraces the mountains, at noon it mirrors the environment around and in the evenings, mountains again take a shower in its pacific water.


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