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Dow University of Health Sciences

Dow University of Health Sciences

In 2003, Dow University of health sciences was founded which is a coeducational medical university. This university is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It has also established a school named as Dow Medical School and a newly formed college called Dow International Medical College, flanking with Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases. At the request of the faculty, administrators and the graduates of the college they were amalgamated and were approved a full university charter as the Dow University of Health Sciences. Sindh Medical College was also a fraction of the Dow University of Health Sciences in 2003. It also shares the prospectus, facility, and other assured possessions with further associated institutions of DUHS, for example Dow Medical College shortly known as DMC and Dow International Medical College.


In no time Sindh Medical College attained university standard and therefore it turn out to be the third medical university in Karachi in 2012. The bachelors program in medical technology was first offered by this Institute. The four-year bachelor program is also recommended by the Institute in four disciplines and they are Surgical Technology, Clinical Pathology Technology, Respiratory and Critical Care Technology and Ophthalmology. In Clinical pathology the technologist’s diagnosis the body fluids and all the laboratory tests are performed by them even the integral part of a diagnostic laboratory. The technologists of Surgical Technology are the fundamental members of the surgical team as they are well educated about the human anatomy, physiology and surgical intercessions. Besides this they are aware of the physics and technology in the operating field. The technologists of Respiratory and Critical Care Technology are extremely experienced and assure the survival of the patient in the critical condition. The plays important role in the quality cares of the patient and they are quick to respond at the chest and cardiac condition. The technologists of the ophthalmic technology are skilled about the eye condition and work for the analysis and inspection of pathologies of eyes.


In recent times the University has commenced an agenda to launch a visiting faculty, the reason to do so is to slot in the capability of the local trained physician as they are training the medical graduates inside the Sindh and taught the same course as experienced in the university. There are some colleges and Institutes affiliated with it are Dow Medical International College,  Dow institute of medical Technology, Ojha University of chest diagnoses, Dow Medical College and Civil Hospital Karachi, Dow Institute of Nursing (ION), Dow Institute of Health Management,  Dow Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and so on.


One of the leading and previous students run volunteer NGO of Pakistan, is known as Patients’ Welfare Association (PWA). Since 1979, the students of Dow Medical College are organizing it. Students of Dow Medical College have been managing it since 1979. The association is a blessing for the poor patients coming to Civil Hospital Karachi as they provide them through Blood Bank, Drug Bank, Thalassemia Services, General and Tuberculosis Follow up Clinics.

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