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Doodh Pilai

Doodh Pilai

Wedding is a ceremony to celebrate the wedlock of bride and groom. In all cultural this ceremony has great importance. Not only bride and groom but also wedding ceremony brings the two families very close to each other. Every culture has its own customs and ways to celebrate wedding ceremonies. Pakistan is a very rich country in culture and rituals. There are many pre and post wedding rituals that are performed. Wedding in Pakistan can be said a feast of fun where everyone wears fancy clothes, jewelry, girls wear makeup and enjoy the ceremony by performing different customs. There are different customs like Jutta Chupai, Rasta Rukai, Doodh Pilai and many more that enhance the fun of this celebration.


Performing these customs is not necessary and there is no compulsion for these rituals. These rituals are performed to make this day memorable for bride and groom and for the rest of members attending wedding ceremony. Most of the customs are performed on the day of Barat. Barat is the day when the groom its family, friends, and relatives are invited by the bride’s family at their place. In past, Barat used to go to the bride’s home but now there are many marriage halls available for the purpose of wedding ceremonies. After reaching at the invited place groom and his family is welcomed by the bride’s family with flowers and rose petals. After serving the Barat with meal bride’s sisters, cousins and friends perform some customs like doodh pilai and jutta chupai etc.


Doodh Pilai or drinking milk ceremony is a ritual in which sisters of bride offer a well decorated glass of milk to the groom. After drinking the milk groom is supposed to give a gift to the sisters in law. This gift can be some jewelry but mostly money is given as gift. This is an interesting ritual and adds fun to the ceremony. Because after drinking milk groom does not offer any gift or money to the sisters in law and then sisters of bride insist groom to give some gift or money to them and demand for a certain amount. Groom tease them by giving them less money but they keep asking for that amount. This short custom ends after receiving the money from groom.

doodhpilai glass

There are many kinds of Doodh Pilai glasses and are available in the market but some girls prefer to decorate their glass as they want it to be.



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