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Donkey Cart Race

Donkey Cart Race

Karachi is known as unique and fascinating place for visitors and residents by having different colors of life present here. That is why Karachi is known as Mini Pakistan as the residents of this city belongs to almost every part of Pakistan. One can witness different languages spoken here. Different cultures representing different colors and it can also be seen in different sports played locally in Karachi from which Donkey Cart Race is most exciting for any one.

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  A unique game “Donkey Cart Race” was introduced by the people of Lyari where the oldest residential areas of the city are located. This race has been carried out in the city for many years. Along its popularity and its uniqueness, it became a traditional activity of this area. This event is mostly held on Sundays.  People of  Lyari are pretty much interested in making this game as an identity of the city up to the international level.


             Not only the public is interested in this race but also the official bodies like the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) showed  their interest in organizing this event on regular basis. The prize ceremony given in the end of the Donkey Cart Race where the winning persons are awarded by some cash. The interesting thing is that the participants are also awarded by some cash (lesser then the winning prize) either they could finish the race or not.

donkey with cart

           Race preparation starts before time. Donkeys that participate in the race are treated with special care. They are usually young and get special diet and care for this race. These donkeys are not used for carrying loads or goods from one place to another like other donkeys  do which can be seen typically on the streets. A tiny cart is specially prepared for the donkey Cart Race to provide comfort in the race.

This seven kilometer long race starts from the Gulbari Chowk to Jahangir Kothari Parade in Clifton. Around 40 participants join from the different towns of the city mainly from Lyari. A huge crowd  including young people and children along with their parents are present their to cheer the participants and to enjoy the event. Many people start giving their predictions about the winners with others and some of them also indulge in betting. That is how the race is enjoyed.

Donkey cart race is an inexpensive entertainment mainly for the Lyari people. They do not have time or money to take part in entertainment but this race gives them a chance to participate and refresh the cultural and historical event of the city.


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