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Divisional Public School Lahore DPS

Divisional Public School Lahore DPS

The project of Divisional Public school was started in year 1958-59 when president of Pakistan constituted a special commission known as “Sharif Commission”. A commission on based on national education for which many cadet school and public school were established under a phased program.

Divisional Public School and Intermediate College is situated in Model Town, at a distance of 15km from Lahore spread over and area of 200 Kanals. This school is situated in open and green surroundings with beautiful grounds and lawns. Its grounds and building are the best examples of architectural set pieces of the town. Divisional public school at the moment is the largest campus of the country with almost 8000 student enrolled in it. It has 8 wings 6 in model town and 2 in town ship. Each wing is headed by headmaster or head mistress.

This small school was constructed in spring 1963 which was later on was developed into a giant educational institution. This small school at the beginning started in rented rooms of Gaddafi Stadium.. Later, this school was shifted in model town. At their gracious cooperation, model town society gifted an area of 200 Kanals for construction of school building. Boys Junior Wing was the first constructed school building completed in 1965. School was lift up to the level of high school in 1966. The first group of talented scholars took matriculation examination in 1968. At the same year the boarding house started functioning with strength of 6 students in residential quarters. This was a milestone in Divisional Public School history. In 1969 another school building of senior boys was constructed and in 1967, the Divisional Public School touched the height and turn into an intermediate college. In 1981 the Girls wing also started which was later upgraded too.

The life of school includes large number of interest and activity, where boys and girls gain sense of achievement and self respect by taking part in different activities. Every student is made to take part in extracurricular activities. This school in every sense produces a ‘Gentleman’. Qualities of enthusiasm, high standard of morality and discipline are emphasized.


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