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The dhoti is the traditional men’s and women’s garments in the Asian subcontinent in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.  The Dhoti is like a rectangular piece of un-stitched and stitched cloth, normally long enough to five to seven yards and tied around the waist and legs and knotted at the waist.

There is no doubt to say that dhoti with kameez, or kurta is a traditional dress of Pakistan’s males and females wears in normal daily routine as well as in special occasions too. The dhoti and kurta normally wears in villages and most of the men are wearing dhoti with kameez, or kurta while working in the fields, or on the time of sleeping, etc. In some areas you also can find some females that also wearing Dhoti with skirt or Kurta and working in the fields with their men. In simple words, we can say that Dhoti Kurta or Kameez is the most common dress used by the Pakistani village’s population.

Now come to the urban areas of Pakistan, this traditional dress is still alive and many elder people still wearing it while sleeping, especially on the winter season. Dhoti is available in different colors, like dark green, white, red, yellow, and many more colors of your choice.

If we talk about style with Dhoti and Kurta, you can find many types of Dhoties and kurtas designed for different occasions like wedding and other festivals. You can find Dhoti stitched with beads and Kurta with different and attractive colors. The Dhoti with resham embroidery is looked very stunning and eye catching and like by most of the teenagers as a wedding dress with a beautiful silk Kurta.

Dhoti is also worn with Sherwani, a silk shrwani and light color dhoti with a long romal around the neck, and a golden Khussa makes a Punjabi boy’s dress complete that he can wear it on any event like the horse race, mela, and marriage event. Yellow color Dhoti is commonly worn in mehndi celebration, in Pakistan.  Another type of Dhoti is known as Lacha that the parents bought for their kids is also available in many attractive colors, in the market. The kids wear it with white kurta and with golden color khussa that combination of dress and khussa, makes them very cute and charming.

We can say that Dhoti is a symbol of culture that represents Pakistan’s village males, and females dress also like by the people living in the cities too.


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