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Performing arts of one side was not appreciated in Pakistan but now its trend has become famous. Religious dance forms have been given acceptance from hundreds of years in our country. Various religious dance forms are practiced in Pakistan until today and Dhamaal dance is one of them. This form of dance is popular among people who are attracted to Sufism a lot i.e. Dervaishs and Fakirs. It is done by pointing the index finger upward and stepping high and is done in a circle. This dance is done by both men and women attending the religious festival at a shrine.

Dhamaal is an improvisational dance form used to create a connection between Allah and Man. The devotion of people to Allah in dance is expressed by this form and they dedicate their bodily movements for a purpose. The most common shrine where it is practiced is the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalender of Sehwan and ‘Dama Dam Mast Qalender’ is the song played at background. Dhamaal is a sub-type of Bhangra dance and it is said that Bhangra dance lived since 300 BC in our region. One needs to have best athletic tempo to perform this dance and the tempo increases and decreases with the beat of the music.

This extreme Punjabi religious dance is done not only by Fakirs and Dervaishs but its circle extends to students and workers as well. The tapping of steps spell after spell is worth watching. The men move to the precessions created by traditional drum usually known as Dhol. The dance plays an important role in unity and every kind of people take part in it and exchange their religious views. Among various Dhol players, Pappu Sayeen (Overload Band) is the one who plays the best rhythmic beat at the shrine of Shah Jamal which forces one to get into it.

The word Dhamaal refers to both drummers and dancers. The Fakirs dancing Dhamaal to the beat of Dhol is a common sight at popular shrines in Pakistan. Dhamaal gives extreme joy to these Malangs and they call “Ali” and “Mast Qalender” loud while dancing. These festivals where Dhamaal is practiced are worth attending and you should take part once in this practice.

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