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Deosai National Park Gilgit Baltistan

Deosai National Park Gilgit Baltistan

Deosai National Park

The Deosai National Park was established in 1993 to secure the survival of the bear and its habitat having long been prized kill for poachers and hunters. Deosai located in the Skardu district in Gilgit Baltistan Province in northern Pakistan. Deosai means the “Land of Giant” is well known for its spring season when it is covered by a carpet of millions of flowers and a wide variety of butterflies.

deosai national park

The bear Pakistan’s largest omnivore now has a hope for survival in Deosai where its number has increased from 19 to 40 up to 2005. Deosai plain make up one of the last frontier of national habitat for the Himalayan brown bear, a creature that once roamed the mountains freely.

The Park currently has between 20-28 brown bears. This Park was established to protect these endangered bears. Deosai Plains also home of the Ibex, red fox, golden marmot, gray wolf, the Ladakh uriyal, the snow leopard and number of resident and migrated birds.

Deosai has Sheosar Lake, it is the one of the highest lakes in the world. Dose is the paradise for wildlife lovers it has variety of mammals in the park include brown bear, snow leopard, Himalayan Musk deer, Golden Marmot, Pika, migratory hamster and ermine. Birds in the Park are Golden eagle, longer vulture, Griffon vulture, lager, peregrine, kestrel (kind of small falcon) Indian sparrow, hawk and snow cock, between November and May Deosai is snowbound in the summer month when the snow clears design is accessible from the Astore valley in the west and Skardu in the north. Deosai National Park is at an average elevation of 4,114 meters (13,497 ft) above the sea level making the deosai Plains the highest plateau in the world. The Protects an area of 3000 square kilometers (1200 sq ml) it is well known for its rich flora and fauna of the Karakorum.

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