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Death of Bhagat Singh

Death of Bhagat Singh

Defense of India Act 1915 was implemented by the British Government that gave a free hand to police to subdue the rise of revolutionaries. Bhagat Singh planned to explode a bomb inside the Central Legislative Assembly that was accepted by HSRA. Initial plan was to plant the bomb but later they decided to throw the bombs and on 8 April 1928, he along with Batukeshwer Dutt threw two bombs inside the assembly while shouting the slogan of “Inqilab Zindabad”. They left the leaflets there mentioning that it all was intentional and was one to oppose the death of Lala Lajpat Rai and the Bills of Trade Disputes and Public Safety that were presented in assembly. Once again Mr. Gandhi disapprove his deeds.

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On 7 May 1929, trail was begun against Bhagat Singh and Dutt in a charge with attempt to murder. For murdering Saunders, Bhagat Singh was re-arrested and was sent to Mianwali Jain from Delhi Jail. There in jail he led other prisoners to hunger strike after witnessing the discrimination between Indian and European prisoners. Muhammad Ali Jinnah supported Bhagat Singh in Assembly and sympathized with prisoners. This strike gained attention nationwide and Government decided to start his trial for murdering Saunders and transferred him to Borstal Jail, Lahore.


During the years in prison, he continued writing his diary that included 404 pages. After the two years trial Bhagat Singh along with his two fellows Rajguuru and Sukhdev were sentenced to death and ordered to be hanged on 24 March 1931 but later the day to be hanged was decided as 23 March and Bhagat Singh was not informed about it until the day came. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged on 23 March 1931 at 7:30 pm under the supervision of honorary judge as no magistrate was willing to supervise the hanging.

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The jail authorities, outside the Ganda Singh Wala Village under cover of darkness, after breaking the rear wall of the jail secretly cremated the three martyrs and threw their ashes to the river Sutlej that is about 60 km from Lahore. Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death at the age of 23.

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Bhagat Singh was born in a Sikh family but turned into an Atheist after witnessing the Hindu-Muslim riots and he then started to question the religious ideologies. He was shocked and could not understand that how the two communities want the blood of each other after fighting united against British just because of their religious differences. By witnessing all this he stepped back and dropped his religious beliefs and advocated the Atheism.

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