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Dasehri mango

Dasehri mango

Mangos are found in number of species and all of them are desired by everyone. Almost hundreds of variety exists now days and about 450 are found in South Asia. In the world, Pakistan is the third largest exporter of mangoes. Among all popular species Dasehri is also the one. This variety of mango is developed in different divisions of Pakistan, Nepal and North India. In Pakistan Rahim Yar Khan, Hyderabad and Multan are the main producers of Dasehri mango. Dasehri first came into sight in the gardens of Nawabs of Lukhnow. After that numbers of Dasehri plants have been cultivated.



It is said that people from Dasehri village have the mother plant of Dasehri mango which produces a variety of mangoes. If we go 120 years back we got to know that Abdul Hameed Khan Qandhri Hotaki Zameendaar of Khalispur and Habibpur actually founded this specie of mango and fetched the buds of tree and embedded it and then planted the garden of Dasehri.

In Malihabad, the oldest garden of Dasehri is located which is known as Bara Bagh of Khalid Yousaf Khan.  Its original tree is originated in the gardens of Late Mr. Sayed Muhammad Anser Zaidi and the gardens are still possessed by the family members of Muhammad Anser.


Dasehri mango is known to be the most delicious mango of Pakistan. As it has very unique and rich in taste and is full of pulp. The color of Dasehri is yellow, it has thin skin and its pulp is fibreless. It has flesh firm and is very sugary in taste. The stone of Dasehri is very small. It’s preserving and peeling quality is superb. These mangoes are rich in nutrition and provide carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, Vitamin A, thiamine, beta-carotene, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, folate, iron, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and potassium in capricious amount.

The skin of Dasehri contains tiny pigments that contain anti-oxidant properties. As Pakistan has best physical area and climate so it provides appropriate atmosphere to the Dasehri tree in which it grows effortlessly. Its season starts from mid of July. It can be preserved for a long time by applying different spices on it. Dasehri can be served as it is or can be used for making pudding, custard, juices, deserts, pickles, milk shakes, jam and marmalades. This marvelous variety of nature has distinguished qualities and is enjoyed by all and sundry.


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