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Dagbir Mosque

Dagbir Mosque

Dagbir Mosque is an old mosque made by bricks in the historic town of Thatta in the Sindh Province. Thatta is located at some 100 km east of Karachi which is the capital of Sindh Province. City of Thatta once leading the Indus delta was the capital of Sindh during 14th century.

It provides a convenient run away for citizens of the city looking for the visit to this picturesque town.

Dagbir Mosque is located in the south near the outskirts of Thatta. It has been made by the bricks and the mosque is in very bad shape nowadays as it is totally ruined. It is probably the oldest mosque of the region and there are chances that this mosque was the old Jami Mosque that was built by Amir Khusro Khan Charkas on the instruction of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for praying at the time when the emperor was in Thatta. Construction of this mosque dates back to the year around 1588 A.D. Size of the mosque is around 98 feet by 48 feet. It has 3 bays that have been covered by 2 small domes and 1 large dome which is bigger than the rest on its sides. The inner sides of roofs of the domes have a tile work which is superb in its design. The pattern of the flowers imprinted inside the domes are the true example of subtle tracery.

The mosque holds few very nice colored tiles containing very pleasant design. The prayer chamber also known as mihrab in Urdu language has been covered with a stone having very delicately done tracery. Structure of the mosque has also suffered a lot from the salted soil also known as kalar resulting in making the brickwork porous which start disintegrating the structure as distant as it get to. This injure to the structure was then repaired by using plaster over the brickwork which for sure has reduced the beauty of the mosque.

One surely needs to visit this ancient mosque to view and understand the beauty of this mosque which depicts the Mughal heritage in its architecture.


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