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Cricket Crazy People

Cricket Crazy People

Cricket is never alone in Pakistan. Whenever Pakistani Cricket Team contests the whole Pakistani nation also battles. Some pray, some predict, some bet (on Pakistani Cricket Team), some arrange gatherings (with huge LCD / Flat TV Panels installed for viewing live match), some fire bullets in the air with every opponent team’s dismissal or home team’s boundary to celebrate, some dance, some hug, some paint and wear green, some beat drums and do lot of other stuff to show enthusiasm.

In terms of passion one can feel the intensity though comments before, during and after match of Pakistani cricketing fans. Usually pre-match comments about Pakistani Cricket Team sound like these.

“Pakistan cha jaai ga” (Pakistani Cricket Team will shine)


“Shoaib Akhter chaday ga nahi ” (Shoaib as a bowler will never spare opponent’s batting line)


“Humara sirf eik hi chalna hai ” (Any of our player will click and change the whole scenario of match in Pakistan’s favor)


“Afridi Shazada hi kaafi hai” (Only Afridi as pinch hitter is enough for them)


“Uss ko to pehly farigh karien gay” (Our bowlers will remove that particular batsman out of sight with in no time)


“Un kay pas to batsman aur bowler hi nahi hai” (The opponent team has no influential player)


“All of our team has match winners”

and many more similar statements.

During the match one can hear the ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhs’ when any of Pakistani Batsman gets dismissed and ‘Yehhhhhhs’ in case of boundary. Everybody seems to be engaged. Old lay down on prayer mats to offer dua for team while children dance in the streets. Even offices & workplaces looked as if empty due to cricket mania. For big matches special requests were made to employers to announce holidays. The news media channels also add more to the cricketing fever.

For players there is a lot of cheer from every one in case of National team’s victory. However with in a night they can be turned into villains if face defeat. Only success in next match is the key for players to win hearts of people again.

It is interesting to note that intensive behavior of cricket crazy people in Pakistan also influence the individual performance of cricketers. Star performers of first match can fail in the very next match due to over confidence imposition the sure outcome of fans excessive appreciation for them.

Whenever Pakistan Cricket Team suffer defeat it seems intolerable for cricket crazy people in Pakistan due to highest level of expectations. As they consider Pakistani national team above other contesting teams so they usually pass comments like these.

“The match was fixed by international gambling mafia”

“Pakistani cricket team had bad luck otherwise the rival team was substandard”

“They lost because they are not inclined to play in green pitches which cricketing event organizer especially furnished for them”

These freakish comments only denounce the fact that they never expect wrong from their beloved National Team and consider external factors behind defeat. Now with time cricket crazy people of Pakistan are changing their attitude and getting more optimistic. They have started to accept defeat with sportsman spirit. The response to the defeat in 2011 Cricket World Cup Semi Final is true proof of this. They embraced the home team with slogan “Tum Jeeto Ya Haaro, Suno Humain Tum Say Pyar Hai” (Whether you win or lose we love you). In any case one can feel the active participation of Pakistani cricket fans and staunch supporters all around. They support Pakistani cricket team all where e.g. in stadiums, public places (in case of contest) and airports (for home team arrival or departure).

All of this only leads to one conclusion and that is it is not easy to eradicate the cricketing obsession from the hearts of Pakistani People. As long as the cricket will remain in the face of planet the bondage of cricket crazy people in Pakistan will strengthen more for it.


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