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Cotton Fabric

Cotton Fabric

Fabric plays an important role in dressing. Good fabric projects the personality of a person in a dominant way. In Pakistan, various types of fabrics are available from low, medium to high quality and in all prices and weights. Among all these fabrics Cotton fabric has also gained prominent importance, this fabric is equally liked by both men and women. It is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a ball or in a protective capsule that is around the seeds of cotton plants of the Genus known as Gossypium. In old and new worlds cotton was independently domesticated. Cotton is frequently spun into yarn and then it is used to make a soft and breathable textile. The history of cotton used as a fabric dates back to prehistoric times and in 5000 BCE the fragments of cotton fabric have been excavated in Mexico and Indus valley Civilization (modern day Pakistan).


Cotton is largely produced in China and it is known as the largest producer of cotton where as Unite States has been the largest exporter for many years. There are almost four commercially grown species of cotton and all were domesticated in ancient times and they are Gossypium hirsutum, Gossypium barbadense, Gossypium arboretum and Gossypium herbaceum. Gossypium arboretum is a cotton plant that is native to Pakistan and India.


The fibers of cotton come naturally in different colors such as they occur in white, pink, brown and green color. Almost 7000 years ago, the cotton was first cultivated in the Old World. At the site of Mehrgarh, the evidence of cotton cultivation was found. In Mehrgarh the threads of early cotton were preserved in copper beads. During the Indus Valley Civilization cultivation of cotton became common. This highly valued fabric is used to make a number of textile products such as making of terrycloth for well absorbent bath towels and robes where as denim is used for making blue jeans and cambric is generally used in fabricating blue work shirts. From cotton underwear, socks and most of the T-shirts are made.


Cotton is widely used in making of Bed Sheets. Though cotton is completely used in making of many fabrics but there are some materials in which cotton is blended with other fibers such as polyester, rayon and other synthetic fibers. A Shiny Cotton is a type of cotton that is a processed version of the fiber that is commonly used in cloths resembling stain for shirts and suits. Another type of cotton is Egyptian cotton that is mostly related with quality products.


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