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Cooking Iftar food keeps women busy in Ramazan

Cooking Iftar food keeps women busy in Ramazan

Ramadan the month of holiness brings countless blessings to us. We enjoy different food items during sehri and iftar which keeps are women quiet busy besides their busy schedule they also offer prayers and recite Holy Quran. It is a tradition during Ramadan that we invite our family friends, relatives and colleagues in iftar parties due to which we remain busy in social activities and ladies of our house arranges such iftaries that one can imagine. Before the time of sehri and Iftari our women have to work before an hour or two to get the meals ready before time for their family members and to arrange Iftari for guests require a lot of time.


Women have to prepare lighter meals for the elder ones and for younger’s they have to make almost everything of their choice such as samosas, pakoras, dahi baray, fruit chaat and etc etc and they have to do this while fasting which is quiet tough.   It is an art of our ladies that they deal to make a detailed iftari in such a restricted time. During Ramadan working hour reduces so that people may focus more on family gathering and worshipping but this goes with men because our ladies remain busy even in this month as well.


For sehri the women have to wake up an hour before to get meals ready by time they have to prepare prathas, gravies or omelets for all family members and for iftari they have to prepare a diverse variety of meals that they also send to poor and even to the mosques as well. In organizing grand iftar parties many ladies get together to prepare iftari in order to help the lady organizing iftari.


In Ramadan the budget for food usually goes out of control but to arrange such iftaris has become a tradition that have to be maintained by everyone. Mostly women prepare frozen items before the month of Ramadan that really helps them in preparing iftari as these frozen items does not require much time in preparation; these food items includes rolls, samosas, nuggets, wings and etc. Many women watch several cooking programs to try different recipes and to present them in iftari to their family members which shows their love and affection towards their family members. Women of our houses play a vital role in managing everything on time and in a well mannered way which is appreciatable.

Bangaldesh Ramadan

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