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Concept of dowry in Islam

Concept of dowry in Islam

Islam has no concept of giving Dowry, but still in several Muslims customs this tradition seems to be increased. Particularly in regions like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In actual fact, the custom of giving dowry has never been legitimated by Islam and is not widely spread in Muslims of other ethnicity. It appears to be the replication of previous Hindu custom in which daughters have no share in the property of family but were given expenditures that could be in the form of households. On the contrary the daughter in Islam has a full right in their family property and inheritance.

Dowry is mostly given in the form of cash, goods or belongings by the bride’s family to the bride in order to catch the attention of her in-laws and her husband and moreover after marring would become the property of him or his family, which is not practiced in Islam and is against the principals of Islam. In Islam, it is not allowed that a woman is owed by a family or is traded in such a way. As it is an offensive behavior to demand for money by the bridegroom or his family from the bride or his relatives.


Before Islam, this concept was considered as the property of girl’s custodian.  The concept of presenting bride gifts of cash or property or spending a lot on grand wedding feast, or presenting a house, or giving furniture for their house and household possessions are absent to the discretion of the people involved in Islam. If we take the example of Prophet (PBUH) he has also saw the marriages of his four daughters. When Hazrat Fatima got married to Hazrat Ali b Abu Talib, Hazrat Muhammad gave her various gifts but there is no evidence of giving gifts to any of his other daughters on the time of their marriages. If giving gifts would be practiced in Islam he would have given these to them as well and the gifts he has given to his daughter Fatima were very modest household items which include a bed sheet, a leather water bag and a pillow which was stuffed with grass and fiber.

None other thing could be more unIslamic than flamboyance. Giving dowry is an outrageous practice which should be prohibited as to attempt to justify ostentatious demonstration of capitals in abundant gifts or feastings by referring to the Prophet’s tremendously modest gifts to Fatima. Being Muslim we should not practice it and should stop giving dowry to our daughter rather than that we should give their right in our family properties which is mostly not practiced by most of us.


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