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Competitiveness Support Fund

Competitiveness Support Fund

USA government has played a vital role in supporting Pakistan’s stability in all aspects. They have commenced numerous operations to accomplish their aim of making Pakistan a leading country. Competitiveness Support Fund is also an essential project commenced through USAID. The project took place in March 2006 and was carried on till March 2012. About $11,561,000 has been funded to accomplish this project.


Project Explanation:

The Competitiveness Support Fund is a sponsor that directly strengthens the government of Pakistan. The fund wanted to progress Pakistan’s economic competitiveness by course of action reform, enhanced authoritarian and organizational surroundings, enhanced tax supervision, and more efficient public-private sector partnerships. The fund played role of multi-purpose institutional by presenting technological support unswervingly and in the course of sub-contractors and grantees. In addition to that it also invested in small and standard-sized projects by availing funds from the Government of Pakistan.



The main aim of the project was to enhance Pakistan’s economic competitiveness all the way through strategy and authoritarian improvement and enhanced management.

Major Actions:

The project mainly focused to offer technological guidance to the Federal Board of Revenue. So they can develop and adopt an innovative state investment strategy foreign direct investment. Moreover, to provide guidance to provincial and local government. Evaluate the bang of intergovernmental economic transmits after the delegation of establishments from the federal to provincial governments.


  • Suggestions assumed by the Board of Investment to recover its presentation and speculation approach.
  • Inclusive Competitiveness Rankings benchmarking the condition of Pakistan’s economy available in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.
  • Authorizing necessities of the Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) executed, ensuing in the reward of licenses for 46 new FM radio stations and 16 television channels, 232 cable distributorships, and two landing rights for television channels
  • Commendations executed to amplify competitiveness in the industry of motorcycle.
  • Sindh Enterprise Development Fund produced as an autonomous corporation to present monetary and industrial hold for civilizing the agriculture and agri-business sector of Sindh.
  • Technological support offered to the Planning Commission in organizing and executing its expansion policies.
  • Latest adjudication law outlined (consequently marked into law as the Arbitration Act 2011).
  • Technological support supplied to the Federal Bureau of Revenue to formulate it more sovereign, apparent, and valuable.
  • Pakistan’s initial Business Incubation Center launched at the Agriculture University of Faisalabad in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission.


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