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Common Wealth Games

Common Wealth Games

Pakistan is known as a country that loves the sports and has captured many distinguish titles in the world of sports. These titles have been won by the players of Pakistan as individuals and as a team too in different sports categories in International level, such as in the Olympics games and in the commonwealth games, etc. Although in the Olympic Games Pakistan’s national flag was raised on the top for very few time, but if we talk about the commonwealth games the situation is totally different from the Olympics. The sports history of Pakistan in commonwealth games is not too short like the grand games. Pakistan’s sports history shows that we have won many gold, silver and bronze medals in the commonwealth games.

The winning of a medal or a title is a way to refresh the past glory of the sports. The Pakistani players do not like that the people forgot these memories; such the medal winning chain is still continued. Let’s take a look at the participation and achievements of the Pakistan in the commonwealth games.

Pakistan has participated in total eleven commonwealth games from 1954 Vancouver games to 2010 Delhi commonwealth games. Pakistan has not participated in 1974, 1978, 1982, and 1986 commonwealth games. Just like Olympics these games are also held after every four years. If we throw the light on the achievements of the Pakistan in commonwealth games, we are very glad to see that Pakistan had won total twenty four gold, twenty one silver, and twenty bronze medals till 2010 games. The total number of the medals that won by Pakistan is sixty five, which is not a bad total in respect with the other countries.

All Time Best Participation

The all-time best commonwealth games for Pakistan were the Perth games that were held in 1962. Pakistan was fourth among the other participated countries by winning eight gold medals, and one silver medal.

All Time Best Sport

Among all the sport categories we have won total thirty seven medals out of sixty five in wrestling, between them twenty are the gold, ten silver and seven bronze medals.

Other Medal winning sports events

In the Weightlifting our stars have won one gold medal, four silver medals and one bronze medal. Boxing players have also won one gold medal, two silver and two bronze medals. In shooting we have snatched one silver medal and two bronze medals. While in hockey we have rewarded with one silver and one bronze medal. The athletics is the second best game where we have won two gold, three silver and six bronze medals till 2010 commonwealth games.

The Prominent Heroes of Pakistan in Commonwealth Games

We have won most of the gold medals in commonwealth games in wrestling. The history of Pakistan’s wrestling achievements will not be completed without Muhammad Bashir the great Pakistani wrestler who has won total three gold medals in the commonwealth games. These games were held in 1958, 1962, and 1966.

After forty years, our wrestlers have again repeated the history. Azhar Hussain and Muhammad Inamhave won two gold medals in 2010 Delhi commonwealth games for Pakistan. We know the taste of the victory in India is totally different from the other countries.


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