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Command and Staff College Quetta

Command and Staff College Quetta

The command and staff college Quetta is oldest and most prestigious military institution of the world. It’s the institution which trains the Pakistan army officers for new technologies of war. Command and Staff College Quetta was first situated inDeolali when it was first established in 1906 but a year after when the first batch completed their courses it’s moved to its current location Quetta in 1907.

Command and Staff College is situated at the beginning of Hanna Udak Valley. It looks beautiful when it rains. The snowfall and the enchanting view of command and Staff College Quetta makes you feel proud of your country. It has its own grace, its history, the victorious one.

Command and staff college is known for its best professional practices and military trainings hence not only Pakistan army Officers are the beneficiaries but many foreign army officers are also send to this historic, glamorous and prestigious military college for polishing their skills and to increase their experiences.

Command and staff college Quetta has the privilege of being institution for people who became historic personalities later. Few of the distinguished personalities are as follows Field Marshals Wavell, Montgomery, Auchinleck and Slim (UK), Blarney (Australia), Ayub Khan (Pakistan) and Manekshaw (India) and Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan).

Command and Staff College’s current building’s structure has its own history. In 1935 Quetta earthquake disaster the building tolerated the disaster and didn’t get damaged completely but Pakistan Army, the perfectionists decided to re construct the building with modern earth quake proof structure. Now Command and staff college’s building is one of the best examples of architecture in world having a clock tower representing discipline, the flanking wings of instructional rooms and the terrace garden in front of it showing a unique blend of glorious past and passionate today respectively.

Command and Staff College have ideal curricular setup. Each student officer is guided by four directing staff officers. These staff officers are among best army officers and have high educational and professional achievements. Subjects like Operations, Staff Duties, War Games and Military History are being taught along with other professional practice subjects to groom Pak army officers and put them at their best simply.


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