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Clifton Karachi

Clifton Karachi

If we think of Karachi, first thing that comes in mind is seaside and when think of seaside the first name which appears is, Clifton Karachi. This seaside is the most famous and most visited seashore of Karachi among Sands pit, Cape Mount, Manora, Giddani beach which is Baluchistan actually but it is near to Karachi and people of Karachi use to visit this shore too. Clifton is and was undoubtedly representative of Karachi and will remain too. Clifton Karachi is a sign of Karachi, which played an important role in Karachi’s development

clifon karachi

Clifton Beach is located near Keemari Port (that is used as main trade port of Karachi and Pakistan) and Tower almost last stop of every public transport of Karachi. This seashore is controlled by Cantonment Board Clifton. Formerly it has four main visiting points Seashore, Kothari Parade, Shri Swami Narayan Temple and Tomb of Sufi Saint Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi but with the passage of time, more places are constructed to entertain public visiting. Clifton that includes, Play Land, Fish House, Bin Qasim Park and newly constructed Sea View beach.

clifton beach karachi.

Clifton Beach is most happening place in Karachi as there one can go for enjoyment in many aspects due to its surroundings. people , at Clifton Beach, enjoy Riding Camels and Horses and also collect sea shells brought by Sea on its shore to take home as monument. One can easily find decorative, handicrafts and jewelry made of Sea Shells at Clifton Beach. This beach is main source of earning for the locals of Lyari and adjacent areas of Clifton Beach as they offer horse and camel rides, photography, eatables, tea, Qehwa, Corns commonly known as Bhutta in Urdu and Sitta in Punjabi, to the visitors of seashore. According to a rough idea, more than two thousand people visit Clifton beach regularly and on weekends this figure goes up to ten thousand or so.

Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi R.A:

Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi was famous Sufi Saint of Sindh and he use to pass his life at Mound near Clifton Beach on which now his tomb is situated, Most of the people visiting Clifton, must visit tomb of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi R.A. This tomb is located on a mound and one has to pass the staircase carrying hundreds of steps. On the ground of this tomb, there is also a tomb of Allama Shah Ahmad Norani famous religious personality of Pakistan. Shops on the right, which offers food for Langar, surround this tomb and on the left, there is a plot designated for parking of pilgrims.

Kothari Parade 1

Kothari Parade:

When going to Clifton, there is a monument, shaped as an umbrella named as Jahagir Kothari parade, which is actually a combination of two buildings, one is Kothari Parade and other is Lady Lloyd Pier. It is said that in the old days beach ended at this pier but now beach is almost 3 km away from this monument. Kothari parade is constructed with the help of Gizri Lime Stone and Pink Jodhpuri stone while the Pier is built with Gizri Lime Stone.

bagh ibne qasim

Bin Qasim Park:

On the right and left of the Lady Lloyd Pier, there is a beautiful park which has been constructed by the former City District Government Karachi. This park is located on a huge scale and there is lot of trees planted in this park that helps Karachi to reduce its pollution.  The City District Government of Karachi is the custodian of this park.


Shri Swami Narayan Temple:

In the middle of Kothari Parade and tomb of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi, there is an old Hindu temple, which is known as Shri Swami Narayan Temple where Hindu pilgrims use to come to worship. This temple is also holy for the Sikh community.

Temple is constructed in the basement so one has to go down with the help of staircase to visit the temple. Red Flag on the gate of the Temple provides it identification and strong gate of wood make it prominent from the front. It is claimed that there is also a tunnel inside this temple which leads to Mohatta Palace situated few Km away from this temple.


Fish House:

This place is the most favorite place for the kids after Clifton beach as it has a wide range of fish and sea creatures inside it. This fish house is located inside the play land of Clifton right behind the tomb of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi and adjacent to Bin Qasim Park.


Play land:

This play land has lot of activities, which engages kids and young generation along with their parents. This play land is adjacent to Bin Qasim Park and contains wide range of rides and activities along with food stalls offering different kind of local and fast foods. Most favorite among these food are Gol Gappy and Chana Chat. People use to visit this place in the evening after having fun at sea shore.



Sea View:

Sea View is newly constructed site, which is operated by Defense Housing Authority. This is also a seaside but is built in a more sophisticated style with proper food stalls, fast food outlets, benches, cemented paths consisting steps to go down towards seashore and floodlights that provide a mesmeric look to seashore in the night. One can also find Camel and Horse rides over there and many eatables that are easily available on the food stalls.


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