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Chess! The Brain Game

Chess! The Brain Game

Chess is a brain game, a competition between two brains, a game that concludes with a very little physical effort from both of the players. They just need to move their hands while playing chess, but their brains are in full throw in thinking and making interesting and wonderful moves that how to beat his or her opponent. Although chess is not known as physical game and we all have the idea that the victory cannot be achieved easily in any type of game or sport that related to physical activity. In the chess, the effort for victory is done through brainstorming only. The player’s brain is making the moves and trying to beat the opponent, while protecting his or her chessboard pieces.

Pakistan has a respectful value in the world of sports internationally, and produces many players that become the champions of their game, there are many in Squash, Tennis, Hockey, Cricket, Boxing, Athletics, Wrestling and so on. The Pakistani people are sports lovers and that love is not less for chess too. The chess is played in many areas of Pakistan in Mughal style, which is a little bit different from the International style. Pakistan chess federation is in development phases and in searching of more talented players that represent the country in international level.

The International chess federation entitled our chess federation with a distinguish award “The Diploma of Achievement in 1986. Pakistan chess federation is organizing many national events for promoting this game in all over the country, but also sending our top players in the other countries for participating in the different International level tournaments. In 1969 Pakistan won an international chess tournament in our brother Islamic country Turky.

If we take a look at the individual level than we have some players that represent Pakistan internationally and have won some chess titles. Mr. Shahzad Mirza entitled with the award of International Master’s in chess in 1984, Mr. Mahmood Lodhi is the current national champion and also have the title of International Master’s. The international Arbiter’s title is won by two sons of Pakistan, Mr. Shah Nawaz, and Mr. Jameel.

We have many players that prove themselves at International level in different games; unfortunately we don’t have any world level player that won the grand master title of the chess.


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