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Chen One

Chen One

According to the change in environment, the continuous development is due to the progress through internet and satellite a revolutionary change has occurred in fashion trends in all over the world. In a resultant, Mian Muhammad Latif, the Chief Executive of Chenab Group established a brand that caters to almost all needs of market. The brand name Chen One came into existence which is an auxiliary of Chenab Limited, officially Chenab fabrics and Processing Mills Limited. Chen One is recognized as one of the largest exporters of home textile products from Pakistan.


The first branch inaugurated by Chen One was in 1997 in Jinnah Super, Islamabad. In Pakistan, this was the first outlet that offered almost all superior variety related to clothes, foot wears, Kitchen accessories, Furniture and Bed linen. After the tremendous success and the positive response by the customers the brand launched number of branches nationally and internationally. As in 1997 they launched there branch in Rahim Yar Khan and Islamabad. In 1998 in Lahore and Faisalabad, Karachi park Tower in 1999, Peshawar in 2002, Rawalpindi in 2001, Multan in 2005, DHA Lahore in 2004, Abbottabad in 2004, Gujarat and Sialkot in 2006, Bahawalpur in 2009, Tariq Road Karachi in 2007 and internationally they have branches in UAE, ABU Dhabi, AL-Ain, Ajman and KSA.


Their mission is to have almost 50 branches in Pakistan by 2015. The brand has also gained name in the leading fashion magazines of Pakistan. The Chen One stores are admired by everyone in the Dubai Shopping Festival and it is highly recognized brand inside and outside Pakistan. The products that Chen One offers includes fashion Clothing, Ben linen, foot wear, furniture and Kitchen accessories. Fashion Clothes for all men, women and children are easily available here in all ranges and in all trendy styles. Chen One occupies furniture of all kind that maintains a class and is highly appreciated by all customers nationally and internationally. Latest variety of Kitchen accessories are provided here that depicts class and elegance. Bed sheets in almost every material and of every design are provided to the customers.


The brand Chen One is one of its kinds. A home having furniture or kitchen accessories of this brand always look stunning and different from all. Chen One organizes 50% sale twice a year. The brand has hit the highest peak due to its diverse and quality products. It is one of my favorite brand as well, so if you have one of its outlet nearer to you then do visit, it’s worth giving.


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