Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Chef Rahat

Chef Rahat

Commonly known as Chef Rahat, Rahat Ali is one of the most protuberant chefs in Pakistan. After appearing at Masala TV she rose to heights of fame with her eccentricity and unique recipes. Rahat Ali is well known throughout Pakistan and abroad (wherever Masala TV is aired) because of her vivacious and enthusiastic style. She is not only famous for her coking recipes also the unique tips and tricks she teaches that makes cooking a tad more easier for everyone.

During her shows she keeps on giving these handy tips which can make your time in kitchen a lot easier and can improve your efficiency by ten folds. Her show airs live on Masala TV from Monday to Friday in which she interacts with her audience via telephonic conversations. She entertains requests by her fans in a friendly manner and keeps on innovating recipes in order to provide her fans with gusto. Throughout her show she interacts with her fans and gives them tips and solves their problems with just a wave of her hand (that is just a metaphor; obviously she does not wave her hands all the time she solves a problem). Following that, her recipes are quite healthy if one takes a look at the ingredients. She is the first and only Chef is Pakistan who revealed to her fans the intricate details of Arabian cooking. All the tips and tricks which give food an Arabian taste were described in detail by her. She is not only an expert in cooking but her areas of expertise include drinks and shakes. She tells easy and quick recipes for her fans to brew up something healthy and tasty in minutes. Like this one time she gave the recipe for a banana and persimmon shake, which is both healthy and tasty. How do I know it is healthy? Well for starters the combined effect of banana and persimmon is beneficial for one’s fatness. Moreover she is also an expert in brewing up ice cream. She has been giving away recipes and tips related to ice-cream making and how to effectively freeze the cream without forming crystals.


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