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Chef Mehboob

Chef Mehboob

Chef Mehboob is a well-known name in the world of Pakistani culinary. He is known for his charming personality and best culinary skills. With an experience of 24 years, Chef Mehboob made it to local Pakistani Channels and with his amazing skills he won the hearts of Pakistani food lovers. The most notable specialty of his is that he offers tasty, quick and simple recipes to the viewers. His health guidelines are also given importance by Pakistani people and for this reason he launched his book ‘Food for Life’ which hasreceived great recognition in the country. The book features over 50 recipes for healthy living.

Chef Mehboob belongs to an illiberal tribal background and had faced many problems before getting into culinary field but now the joy of success has become the part of his career. Chef Mehboob is one of those cooks of Pakistan who maintained their status from the first day and earned a great name in their field. His work is always appreciated and he has a good command over giving good healthy suggestions. Chef Mehboob has done a wide variety of impressions and gave the most spectacular cooking shows like ‘Spice of Life Show’ and ‘The Cook King Show’ to offer delicious recipes to the television spectators.

His cooking leads one to the divine continental side, and makes one know the real taste of world. Pakistani recipes by Chef Mehboob are appetizingly delightful. Another good specialty of this chef is that he always suggests low calorie diets which reflect his high and healthy lifestyle. Talented chef Mehboob is good at giving alternates to high calorie diets and people appreciate this work of his. His personality is quite hospitable. Chef Mehboob mission is to make the Pakistani food and lifestyle better with modernized recipes.

Talented Chef Mehboob always tries to give healthy diet awareness to masses and is still working on it by taking part in healthy cooking sows. His toothsome recipes with amazing culinary skills led him to success and he has the ability to give solution to every cooking and diet related problem.

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