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Chef Gulzar

Chef Gulzar

Born on August 5th 1964, Gulzar Ali went on to grow into one of the utmost protruding chefs in Pakistan. Commonly known as Chef Gulzar, he is a trained international chef with his area of expertise including Pakistani, Italian, Middle Eastern, American, Asian and American cuisine. His specialty is Japanese cuisine as he got distinctive training from Japan and has worked on Japanese cookery for 12 years. Up till some time ago, Gulzar Ali never thought of becoming a professional chef but now he is one of the most prominent chefs in Pakistan.

He completed his Matric from Pacsidal School which is situated in Nazimabad Karachi, following that he did his intermediate from National College located in North Nazimabad and graduated from the Karachi University. After that Gulzar went on to become an actor and performed in the movie “Siyaasat”, Syed Kamal produced it, he also choreographed for the movie. His father wanted him to get involved in Electrical Engineering as he himself was one at WAPDA. Owing to the history of Madrasi people, his family was very fond of good and healthy food so his father used to manage a restaurant named TOP TASTE.

Once his father forced him to help out at the restaurant as all the hands on deck were not enough. While serving there, he encountered a customer who was not mollified with the palate of their cuisine and was complaining very vehemently. To cater to this complaint he conveyed it to the chef, who got angry and said that if anyone has problems with his cooking he/she should cook for themselves. At this Gulzar got upset and went home to discuss it with his parents. On his way home he originated the idea of becoming a chef/cook himself and when he asked his parents about it they laughed at him because they thought that he was joking, but Gulzar was not. He started his journey by travelling to Japan in order to pursue his goal and become a professional chef. So in 1988 began the journey which led to the formation of the famous Chef Gulzar we all know and love.


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