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Chaunsa Mango

Chaunsa Mango

In Pakistan variety of mangoes are cultivated. Mangoes are known to be the King of fruits. Mangoes have several species which are very popular. As it is a summer fruit it is mostly found in summers. One of the most popular specie is Chaunsa which is produced in a variety in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is mostly originated from Multan and Rahim Yar Khan and is largely cultivated in Pakistan and India. Kaimganj, Lukhnow and Varanasi are the places in India where Chaunsa is mostly produced and in Pakistan it is produced in Multan, Saraiki Belt and Sahiwal. The mangoes cultivated in Pakistan are loved all around the world.


Sher Shah Suri was the one who made this specie of mango much popular in the subcontinent. He actually gave the name Chaunsa to his favourite mango while celebrating his victory over Humayun at Chusa. Chaunsa is extensively considered as the best mango in terms of its sugary taste and luscious pulp. It is chiefly regarded as the King of Mangoes because of its flavor.

In Pakistan, the season of Chaunsa starts from the beginning of the month June and ends in September. As it distinguishes from other species of mango it is exported a lot to Europe, USA and the Middle East. It turns to golden yellow on ripening. It is less firm, fibreless and has pleasant flavor and sugary taste. It is gold in color. This variety of mango is very much popular in the region of Pakistan as it has unique taste and richness in its flavor.


The word chaunsa exactly means to suck; this type of mango is one of its kinds. This golden colored fruit is a truly marvelous and is famed for its taste. To enjoy Pakistani Chaunsa mango, squeeze the chaunsa mango gently until it becomes squashy and then poke or bite a small hole from the top and suck the mango pulp as it is heavily pulped and enjoy its wealthy taste. This is the way to enjoy the real mango juice in its real form.

These mangoes are mostly found in medium size. They are preserved for long time in cold storage places. Honey chaunsa mango, Sweet chaunsa and White chaunsa are the types of chaunsa mango, among these White Chaunsa mangoes are heavily exported internationally due to its long shelf life. So guys if its summer than go ahead and enjoy the blessing of God.


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