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Chauburji is one of those mainly famous shrines among the architects and ancient structures of the historic city, Lahore, which was built by the Mughals, in their time.

Who designed its architecture, and when?

It was the majestic doorway to a beautiful Mughal garden, which is situated on the Multan Road. The historical garden, which has now become a history, is believed that it was designed by ‘Princess Zeb un Nisa’, in 1646 AD (as written on the gateway). She was a famous poetess of that time. The royal leader ‘Aurangzeb Alamgir’ was her father.

What are its characteristics?

This ancient entrance has 4 towers on top. Incredible tile work has been used in the creation of the entire doorway through which it used to be sheltered. Chauburji is an icon for an amazing combination of Mughal structural design with antique Muslim way of construction. Its minarets are really distinguished, which gets bigger from the peak. Such minarets cannot be found elsewhere in this sub-continent. However, ‘Charminar’ is the actual archetype of Chauburji, which is in Hyderabad, Deccan, formerly built in 1591.

The ceramic mixture of premium quality was used to decorate the walls of Chauburji. The external walls are notably enameled and adorned with green and blue encaustic floor coverings and wall paintings are designed all over, which defines true magnificence. Along with the 4 minars, the gateway has a central pitch, but as time passed by, the central dome has crushed and many other characteristics have been destroyed.

Zebinda Begum (Princess Zeb-un-Nisa) was not married but she was infatuated with an Afghani sipahi whom her father Aurangzeb had massacred. With deep sorrow in heart, she started writing poetries. She was then interested in architecture. Finally, the princess Zeb-un-Nisa settled on to construct a lovely garden in Lahore.

What is the present condition of the gateway?

The gateway of Chaburji was in bad condition, but it has recently been renovated. Along with the renovation, a roundabout go has been built. The 4th minar has been reconstructed too, since without this minar, the structure would not have ever been called a Chauburji.


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