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Chashma Nuclear Power Complex New real moneyslots games Magic Tree Spielautomat

Chashma Nuclear Power Complex New real moneyslots games Magic Tree Spielautomat

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The Chashma Nuclear Power Complex is located near the city called Chashma which is in Punjab, Pakistan. It is a commercial nuclear power complex. It consists of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-I that is CHASNUPP-I, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-II that is CHASNUPP-II, while CHASNUPP-III and CHASNYPP-IV are under construction. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission operates Chashma Nuclear Power Plant reactors and other facilities with the support of China. The United States Department of energy and IAEA is familiar with the exigency of Pakistan’s energy need. Pakistan has to grow its energy powers seven to eight times by the year 2030.

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To manufacture innovative atomic plants to be built in the country under the assistance of China, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission permitted an agreement with International Atomic Energy Agency in November 2006. An agreement for protection of any future Nuclear Power Plants manufactured by Pakistan was approved by the 35 members of Board of Governors of the IAEA. The first plant is located in Kundian, Punjab, Pakistan; its operation was commenced in 2000 and is known as 300 MW Chasma Nuclear Power Plant I, it is a pressurized water reactor. The second 300 MW Chashma Nuclear Power Plant II is the project of Chashma Nuclear Power Complex in the northwestern district of the Thal Doab and it was legitimately launched on May 10, 2011, by earlier Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani.


Shangai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI) signed an agreement of a general engineering and a design contract for CHASNUPP-III and CHASNUPP-IV and were plan to design in such a way to have a generation capacity of 340MWe and a design life of 40 years. The dome of the third reactor was lifted into place on 6th March, 2003 and it is planned to complete the entire construction of Plant III in 2016 and Plant IV in 2017.


To construct a 1000 MW CHANSUPP-5, at Chashma Nuclear Power Complex on March 2013 both China and Pakistan signed an agreement. The Complex has its own training organization is recognized as CHASCENT which is a CNANSUPP Center of Nuclear Training. The center suggests a range of engineering agendas at diploma and degree level apart from training of nuclear plant. CHASNUPP-1 has CHASCENT houses which are a Full Scope Training Simulator (FSTS) and a similar facility for CHASNUPP-2 is under erection. At this time the center is in a stage of development to accommodate an ever-increasing requirement for the quality technicians and engineers within PAEC.


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  1. Pakistan energy need are growing at very rapid pace, we should utilize all the available form of energy. Diversification in energy mix will be very beneficial and safe for Pakistan. Nuclear energy is the most secured form of energy, although its initial capital cost is very high but O& M cost is the lowest. Pakistan should make out every effort to develop this form. It is also has the zero CO2 emission.Project life is very long and stable operation is added advantage.

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