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Charkha (spinning wheel) is the part of Pakistan’s culture. It is used to spin thread or yarn from fiber used in textile industry.

In the rural areas of Punjab it used to be multi-faceted activity in the long nights of winter. The ladies used to spin yarn or thread and sing “Heer” (a folk song) or other folk or local songs and shared the feelings of their solitude in those songs. So the spinning wheel worked as platform of sharing the forlorn emotions of the ladies.

Charkha: History

The history of charkha goes back to Baghdad and China which are said to be the pioneers of charkha. It came to India from the Persia in the thirteenth century, reportedly.

It had many types worldwide but in Pakistan only hand-powered wheels were in vogue in the rural areas. The industrial Revolution all over the world has snatched the shared feelings and expressions of loneliness of the ladies in the rural areas who gave vent to their grievances in a disguised manner. Though the revolution has showered many blessings on the man of today, it has taken its toll as well.

Charkha has been associated with folk ballads and mystic verses as the virtual deed. ”Mera ae charkha nau lakkha kuday” (this spinning wheel of mine is of nine lac worth),”kar kattan wal dhyan kuday” (Keep only spinning in mind), and “sun charkhay de mithi mithi kook, mahia menu yad aunda” (giving ears to the sweet tone of the spinning wheel reminds me of my beloved).


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