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Bangles shopping in Chand Raat

Bangles shopping in Chand Raat

Chand Raat is an occasion that enhances the charm of buying bangles and applying Mehndi on hands, girls are mostly crazy about both of these and this craze increases more mainly on chand raat. During this unforgettable night girls flock towards the beautiful stalls organized in numerous markets in the last hours of chand raat. Buying of glittery bangles, jewellery, clothes and similar footwear are the essential part of Eid celebrations. Pakistanis are crazy about this night they hang out with friends, families and relatives and enjoy it. The young girls love to design their hands by beautiful Mehndi designs and buy buying matching bangles.


Numerous bangles and Mehndi stalls are organized during chand raat in all small and big markets of the city and these stalls contains a diverse variety of bangles including steel and glass bangles and they are available in multiple- colors. Mostly girls buy glass bangles as they come in different colors and designs that are quiet appealing. The shopkeepers arrange bangles in a form of set and even the girls have option to design a set according to their choice. Huge rush of girls buyers is seen on stalls of bangles and hennas on chand raat.



Even the shopkeepers decorate their stalls beautifully with buntings and vibrant and bright lights to draw costumer’s attention. In addition to that they keep the most different variety to earn a good revenue and attention of the consumers. After the last Iftari girls with their family members come out for shopping and their first priority is to purchase striking and elegant bangles to look stunning in the day of Eid. Mostly they buy bangles according to the color of their Eid dress. They even buy three four colors of bangles and make a set paired with some karas that give it a complete and stunning look.

Shopping goes on its peak on chand raat. People from all custom, communities and status enjoy this night. They give greeting card to their friends and give gifts to them as well; mostly bangles and hennas are gifted as they are the centre of attention on chand raat. But nowadays purchasing all these things have been quiet costly but the crazy girls without caring about that rush towards the market and buy them all. So girls if its chand raat then rush towards markets and load your hands with beautiful variety of bangles and let your hands get decorated by henna.



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