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Chand Raat in the city of Lights

Chand Raat in the city of Lights

Chand Raat the night of enjoyment, It is enjoyed in almost every part of Pakistan in a very traditional way. Even in the city of lights that is Karachi this night has a significant importance and this night is among does nights that cannot be ignored. During chand raat Karachi turns in the most blissful, lively and heavenly city. All the famous shopping centers of the city including Zamzama and Nazimabad shopping centers are rushed off with exciting families to enjoy this mesmerizing night and to do shopping for Eid.


 When we talk about shopping especially in the fortunate month of Ramadan and on chand raat is in fact the most exhilarating time to do shopping. Chand Raat is a charming night for women, young girls as they rush towards the stalls of bangles and Mehndi where they buy sparkling bangles of different colors and get their hands decorated by different Mehndi designs. Somehow chand raat beyond doubt arouses the spirit of shopping even people do window shopping or just hang out with their loved ones to enjoy the charm of this night.



 Citizens of Karachi watch TV channels to get this night announced by the Molvi and they starts the preparation of Eid and to enjoy this night. This announcement is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Just after this announcement people of ages, customs, gender and sizes run towards the markets to enjoy this night themselves. This is a memorable night when streets and markets are crowded with people and there is a huge rush of ladies of all age groups in the Mehndi and bangles stall enjoying festivities of this night.


People of Karachi visit beaches to witness the beauty of this night with their family members or friend. They buy different gift for their relatives and friends and wish them chand raat the night of gratification. Ladies at home do grocery for the Eid and prepare some meals so it may help them in the next day of celebration. The traffic on this day is always on its peak one cannot imagine to reach home on time as everybody hang out with their loved ones. Women in chand raat are crazy about shopping they do it till they drop as this is of their interest.  These ladies hoard all their passion and energy till the last minute. It is impossible for a woman of Karachi in this auspicious night to go home without decorating their hands with Mehndi or buy purchasing beautiful bangles and jewellery. Many food stores are also open till late at night. So if you want to see this city of lights in full boom then just hit the road on this night and make it a memorable night for yourself and others.


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