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Chand Raat

Chand Raat

Chand Raat, the night of silvery moon, is the most expected occasion for all the Muslims. Chand Raat is the event that is celebrated with traditional occasion and cultural passion for searching new moon that indicates the conclusion of blessed Ramadan and beginning of Eid-ul-Fitr. Chand Raat is celebrated and enjoyed by everyone in their own specific style but chand raat celebrated in Pakistan has its own importance and uniqueness in its streets and that engraves in one’s mind forever. In chand raat in the streets of Pakistan a festive look can be observed and this increases as the night steps ahead.


After ending the last fast the celebrations of chand raat are on its peek. Mostly people organizes get together to wish and enjoy this event. In chand raat many stalls of bangles and Mehndi are arranged, and females come to these stalls to get their hands decorated with beautiful Mehndi designs. Elder women of houses prepare meals for the next day of Eid. The special items in food are most sweets, biryani and many more.


Dresses, magnificent jewellery, multi-colored bangles and Henna are the special items of chand raat that enhances the charm of the market. It has always been delightful to get pleasure from the special insignia of chand raat in Pakistan where we observe the renewal of all the cultural traditions. Shopping of Eid exclusively on chand raat has its own craze that can’t be placed with anything else. For the people of Pakistan chand raat has now become an exciting and breath taking festival.


It is an evening filled with fun that beyond doubt comes in buds. In chand raat people take pleasure in shopping in the shops, purchasing food stuff for Eid and meet their friends and relatives. This is a grand occasion in which people meet each other in a pleasurable way to share their pleasure that encourages harmony and social fairness. The streets on chand raat are garlanded out in a cheerful frame of mind. Pakistani people are full of life and are light hearted, this prosperous tradition and culture of Chand Raat has definitely become strength to be deemed with. Hence this is a tremendous occasions when Muslims come together, enjoy and celebrate a contended and peaceful Eid.


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