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Chakwal District

Chakwal District

A well-known city in Punjab, Pakistan is known as Chakwal, it is the capital of Chakwal District. From Islamabad it is about 90km away. The city was named after Chaudhry Chaku Khan, he is the chief of Mair Minhas tribe from Jammu, and In 1525 CE he founded this city during the ruling period of the Mughal Emperor, Zaheerudun Babur. In 1985, Chakwal was finally upgraded as a district. Chakwal’s countryside features the valleys in Thirchak-Mahal. In its neighboring communities there exist man-made and natural lakes. On the top of the hill is a shrine known as Chehl-Abdal of Chel-Abdal. Through Sohawa Road Chakwal is connected to Jhelum and Lahore.


Chakwal is partially infertile and the city suffers with the shortage of irrigation system and water resources for agriculture. Over 70 percent of the population of the city is involved in agriculture; mostly survival of agriculture depends on rainfall. Even some villages in the city have no irrigation system. Chakwal being the capital of Chakwal District is also the administrative centre of Chakwal Tehsil. The Chakwal District is further sub-divided into four Tehsil and they are named as KalrKahar, Talagang, Chakwal and Chahsaidan Shah and the city itself is further divided into five Union Councils where as Chakwal District is alienated into 68 councils.


In Union Council Mangwal is Jamalwal village which is 19km away from Chakwal. In Jamalwal Village two big families live and have a strong hold in the village and they are Rajput and Mughal Kassar. In Chakwal several educational institutes are developed for instance Govt High School balkassar and Govt. High School No.1 Chakwal and these are among the best schools in Pakistan. Some well reputed universities of the city are University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila Chakwal Campus, Virtual University of Pakistan, Govt Post Graduate College, the Swedish institute of Technology, Horizon, CSC, VTI, Myers and many more.


In 20th century the first school in Chakwal was founded by Arya Samaj. A well-known English newspaper is also published in Chakwal which is known as “The Revolution” and many Urdu newspapers are also published in the city.  Many notable personalities belong to this city one is Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, he was born in Gah village and even the Secretary to the Government of Punjab, Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik, PhD, PAS, UN-UNESCO Confucius Laureate was born in village Khara Tehsil and District Chakwal

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