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Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Painting

Ceramics are made in Pakistan on large scale and are exported to urban cities as well as outer countries. Ceramics look good when are not painted upon, but when colors are added to them, they look best. All the ceramic painting is done beautifully on each piece of ceramic art by skilled local painters.

The biggest example of this ceramic painting is Pakistani piggy banks usually known as “Gallas” in the country. Gallas are used by children as piggy banks. They are not painted all over, but small designs are made on them with different bright colored dots.

Ceramic making and painting is an important cottage industry of Pakistan. This art is appreciated in all over the country and people buy these painted art pieces to place them in their houses. Every piece of ceramic art with painting done on it reflects the culture of each region. The styles of painting on these ceramics vary with each region. You can find different styles from Sindh side, Punjab, and Baluchistan side. The biggest centre of pottery making and painting is the province of Punjab. Pottery painting is appreciated in urban areas and people from modern families also encourage their children to learn this form of art.

Ceramic painting makes a good living for the people of rural areas and different art pieces of this art can be found in different markets. Ceramic painting is also taught in famous institutes of Pakistan to make the students aware of all the techniques and skills required to make the ceramic pieces more elegant and attractive. Some people also do this painting as a hobby because ceramics are the best object to learn any art upon. The objects on which this painting is usually done are cups, mugs, pots, and other such crockery items.

The cities of Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, and Gujrat are world famous for the production of ceramics with beautiful artwork done on them. The designs made on these ceramics are not taken from anywhere, but these designs reflect the inner creativity of a person. These pieces of ceramic artwork are also placed in different local cultural exhibitions to show the creativity of people of inner parts of Pakistan. Now ceramic painting is also done on large scale by famous painters of Pakistan. The painting is done by special techniques and special colors, which makes the ceramic pieces more beautiful.

This painting usually looks best on the basic ceramic items which are made with basic materials and by hand. The blue pottery of Pakistan is also famous, which is usually done in the city of Multan. The art of blue painting on ceramics is a special encampment for the people of Multan.

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