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Ceramic Art

Ceramic Art

If one looks at the world history of ceramic art, then he will get to know that ceramic art was done first in Asia. We can find the remains of this culture in Indus-valley which takes us to the exact details of this beautiful art. A ceramic is something made up of clay.

This art was also practiced before in ancient days in various regions of sub-continent apart from Indus Valley. Ceramic art has now became an important industry in which various art pieces of different styles, designs and clay colors are made vastly.

The major materials used in making pieces of this art are pottery clay, quartz and feldspar. These materials are used to make it in an industrial way and after that these are processed through different molds and machines. The industrial pieces are not that good as those, which are made with hand. Ceramic art has a great value in the culture of Pakistan. This art was done before precisely and it is done with those techniques even now. This method is transferred from generation to generation and even now youngsters practice this art with interest. The biggest centre of this ceramic or pottery art is Punjab because most of the industries are set in that province.

Ceramic art is done on large scale in the province of Punjab. Almost 60% units of this industry are set there and 7,000 workers work in those industries. In Punjab, Gujrat has the largest number of ceramists than any other city. An association for Ceramic art was set up in the year 1972 which was non-registered and didn’t gain much popularity among other industries and no record can be found now about this association. Later on another association was also created which was also unregistered and was created by a famous pottery maker. This association also failed in achieving any goal.

In Gujrat important pottery items like kitchen accessories, pots and table ware are made with improved techniques and skills. Gujrat is rich in having the most numbers of ceramists which have their skills inherited from previous skilled ceramists. Pakistan is also world famous in pottery making apart from metal crafting and other popular handicrafts making.

The ceramic art pieces made with hand are very expensive, but look very beautiful and elegant, and can be found very rarely because most of the people prefer buying these pieces cheap and in this way the industry work is more effective. Many institutes in Pakistan are set up now to give education of art including ceramic art and the students create amazing pieces of ceramic art which are placed in different exhibitions. Some popular institutes are National College of arts, Lahore and Indus valley institute of arts and architecture, Karachi.

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