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Centres of Creation-The Rug Markets in Quetta

Centres of Creation-The Rug Markets in Quetta

If interior designing is your passion, If you want your home and office to look the amazing and the most unique then rug market Quetta can help you very much in this regard.

In today’s article we will let you know about rug market Quetta and its specialities. We hope this will guide you in getting the perfect rug for your place.

Rugs are available in different markets and shops of Quetta but the best place to get all the varieties in one place is rug market Quetta. Here you can buy the rug of your choice as per requirement for the bed room, dining room, television launch and offices.

Pakistan is a country which is well known for its standard best quality rugs all around the world. There are different cities in Pakistan where big and small rug manufacture factories are running exercising the best rug making art. These rugs have good market demand not only in Pakistan but world wide. Quetta is one of the cities of Pakistan where one can find the traditional and modern designs of rugs. These quality rugs are available in numerous prices, size and colours. These rug markets are located in Masjid Road, Jinnah Road, Zarghoon Road and Alamdar road. The wholesale rug markets are also there especially in Masjid Road.Apart from these markets Meezan Chowk and some big shopping centres have branches where they sell variety of rugs. District Bazaars also have the variety of rugs with pleasing prices. Theses rugs or carpets include hand knotted materials which are in high demand in the international markets.The rugs are mostly the high quality work of Pakistanis but in these markets one can also find Persian (Iranian), Afghani, Turkey, Russian and Morocco rugs.

The Iranian Rugs are very expensive and usually imported by Hazara rug sellers here in Quetta. Rug markets in Quetta are helping a lot in generating the revenue since hand made Pakistani rugs has demand all over the world. The workers give their best quality work. Some of these rugs in the rug markets also have traditional colours but the modern touch are broader in these rugs which make the demand higher. Shop keepers in these markets are dealing in with this business for years so they are very capable not only in dealing with national and international customers but they can also assist you in how to take care of rugs in best way.The most attractive designs with beautiful colours and pleasing prices all are in the rug markets of Quetta city like along with above mentioned shops you can find the good rug shops in Alamdar road. These shops deals both in hand made and machine made rugs with quite affordable prices. Rug markets have very important role in the economy of Pakistan and Baluchistan that’s why it is supported largely by Government by opening up making rug knitting centres in Quetta know as “Qalin bafi centres”. These centres not only train people which includes both men and women in making best hand made rugs but also give them quite good amount of money to support their families too.

Rug markets are like pulse of good economy in Pakistan, though Government is supporting the hardworking rug workers yet they are needed to be paid more according to their worthy rug creations. Moreover for best interior décor you ought to buy some quality beautiful rugs from rug markets in Quetta.


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