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Cement Industry Pakistan

Cement Industry Pakistan

Cement is one of the most important Industrial sector and source of trade of Pakistan there are many private limited companies throughout Pakistan having huge volume of trading providing big business in shape of small and big dealer of cement product locally and internationally.

Cement Industry is playing vital role in socio economic development to promote the export and decrease the unemployment of country by providing opportunities to skilled and unskilled manpower, more than 1.5million Pakistani working with industry and more over is a part of its trade. Pakistan is ranked 5th in the world’s cement export. Industry has a production capacity of 2o million tons out of which Pakistan exported approx 11million tons of cement which earned notable foreign exchange for the country by more than 20 limited companies working in cement sector having factories in specific areas where raw material is easily available so most of the cement industries are located at those regions where clay, iron and minerals, calcium carbonate or lime are the basic materials for cement. After removing the over burden a multi stage crushing process involved the modern technology and energetic manpower to reduce the rock and load in to truck which is itself laborious job need skilled manpower and modern machinery for crushing process modern cement factories are located closed to source of lime stone as about 1.50 tons of lime stone is needed to produce one ton of cement.

Following well known Pakistani companies are playing main role to promote trade by manufacturing and as well as providing stock trading to stock exchange throughout Pakistan and the strong factor of foreign investment.

Maple leaf cement factory Ltd- Askari cement Ltd-Cherat cement co Ltd- D.G.Khan cement-Best way cement Ltd-Dan dot cement Ltd-Fecto cement Ltd-Fauji cement co Ltd- Flying cement Ltd-Dadabhoy cement Ltd- Dewan cement Ltd- Gharib wal cement Ltd-Kohat cement co Ltd- Lucky cement- Mustehkum cement Ltd-Pakistan cement Ltd- Pioneer cementLtd-DewanHattarcementLtd -Attocement Ltd-Al-Abbacement Ltd.


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