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Cadet College Petaro

Cadet College Petaro

About the College:

Cadet College Petaro was founded in 1959. Prior to that, the college was located at Mirpurkhas since 1957 with the name “Government Cadet College Mirpurkhas”. It is now on the west bank of the river Indus, 30 kilometers from Hyderabad on Indus Highway.

The college campus is spread over an area of around 750 acres. Cadet college is a residential institution with around 900 students staying in 7 hostels, also called as “houses”. Classes 8th up to 12th are taught at the college besides ‘O’ Levels program which was initiated in 2011. Petaro Cadet College was the second cadet college in Pakistan after Hassan Abdal. The policy-making of the college resides with the Board of Governors chaired by the Commander Karachi (COMKAR). The principal is the BOG’s Secretary who is a commodore of Pakistan Navy. The college is financed by the Government of Sindh. Col. (retd) J.H.H. Coombes was the first principal of the college.

Overview of the Campus:

It seems that calling the Cadet College Petaro just a “college”, would be a bit of an understatement. The campus of the college is carefully planned and designed in a way so as to provide the staff, their families and cadets a congenial and harmonious living environment. The campus has its own electricity, water supply, sewerage, infrastructure and security.

The campus accommodates staff residence, seven cadet houses, stadium, mosque, sick-bay, riding club, gym area and swimming pool. The college building embodies the offices, auditorium, classrooms and labs for physics, chemistry, biology, english language, computer, ICT and general science.

A qualified doctor takes care of the “sick-bay”, which gives general treatment as well as preliminary vaccines against some major diseases.

The cadets enjoy indulging out-door and in-door recreational activities for their free time. Computer, TV, libraries are situtated in the hostels. A Recreation Club arranges English Movies on week-ends. Students also enjoy hiking and other excursion trips.


The college staff comprises of about 45 teachers. The rest of the staff includes the medical and administrative officers, librarian, 215 board employees and above 100 other employees.

End Note:

The Petarians can be proud of their institute and the alumni of the college who have been successful in almost all fields, be it the entertainment industry, agriculture, civil or military jobs or journalism. Therefore, one can say that students who join this college secure their future.


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