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Pakistan is a country that has countless religious and cultural festivals. It has four provinces and each has some of its unique traditions and festivals. Baluchistan is a province of Pakistan and its capital is Quetta. Quetta is the city that is famous as the Fruit Garden of Baluchistan. This city has the capability to produce a variety of plants and is also known for its wildlife. The province Baluchistan is very rich in its culture. People living over here celebrate many religious and cultural festivals. Among so many of the festivals, one is called Buzkashi.


Buzkashi is a festival that is celebrated and is famous among Pashtun people. This game is played by the people on the horseback and between two teams. One match of this game can be continued for days but in tournaments, it has some time limitations. Buzkashi is also known as Kokpar and is famous in many other countries of Central Asia. Buzkahsi is similar to another game known as polo that is also played on horseback. But the difference between these two games is that polo is played with a ball on the ground that they have to propel it towards the goal and match is limited to one hour. Buzkashi is played with a headless goat and traditional Buzkashi can be continued for days.


The competition of Buzkahsi typically displays power and aggression. Players of this game usually wear the heavy clothing and cover their heads for protection from other players’ whips. Boots that they use usually have high heels so that their boots can be fixed into the saddle of hours that helps the rider to lean on the side of the hours while trying to pick up the goat from the ground.


Traditional match can be continued for the days but in the regular tournament version match has a limited time. Ground for the match has square layout with each side 400 meters long. Each of the teams consist ten members and only five players can play in one half. Each half ends after 45 minutes and only one break of 15 minutes is allowed between two halves. Referee supervises the game and only by the permission of referee, a rider can be substituted during the game.

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Buzkahsi is the game that is depicted in many nonfiction and fiction books. A number of Hollywood and other film industries’ films also referenced the game.


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