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Chiffon Fabric


Chiffon fabric is recognized among the most luxurious fabrics of the world. Since 1700’s this luxury fabric was used in Europe to indicate status and wealth. Word chiffon is derived from the French word for a cloth or rag.  It is made from cotton, silk and synthetic fibers. It has a signature style of softness and is very soft, see ... Read More »

Chen One


According to the change in environment, the continuous development is due to the progress through internet and satellite a revolutionary change has occurred in fashion trends in all over the world. In a resultant, Mian Muhammad Latif, the Chief Executive of Chenab Group established a brand that caters to almost all needs of market. The brand name Chen One came ... Read More »

Amir Adnan


One of the famous Pakistani fashion label for men is known as Amir Adnan. From Institute of Business Administration (IBA) he completed his business graduation, in Karachi IBA is among the esteemed Business Schools and the institute has been awarded Pride of Performance by Government of Pakistan. Amir Adnan went to Italy to learn more about fashion and in 1992 ... Read More »

Sindhri mango


Mangoes have always been a favorite fruit due to its rich taste, as it is very juicy and pulpy. In Pakistan, mangoes are cultivated in a large amount and are found in a variety in our country. Pakistan exports a large amount of mangoes to many countries. Mangoes in Pakistan are produced in Saraiki Belt, Multan and Sahiwal. Among all ... Read More »

Aijaz Aslam


One of the most famed and well-liked model, actor and dress designer, a versatile personality in the world of media in Pakistan is known as Aijaz Aslam. This famous personality was born in Pakistan on 3rd October 1972. He belongs to a middle class family even though he was a brilliant student of his class. He walked into the world ... Read More »

Langra Mango


Mangoes!! A prominent fruit in summer and known to be the King among Fruits. We all are aware of the deliciousness and magnificent taste of this fruit. Almost thousands of varieties exist now days. Mangoes of different kind are cultivated in Pakistan and due to their superb quality they are heavily exported in number of countries and are quiet popular. ... Read More »

Dasehri mango


Mangos are found in number of species and all of them are desired by everyone. Almost hundreds of variety exists now days and about 450 are found in South Asia. In the world, Pakistan is the third largest exporter of mangoes. Among all popular species Dasehri is also the one. This variety of mango is developed in different divisions of ... Read More »

Chaunsa Mango


In Pakistan variety of mangoes are cultivated. Mangoes are known to be the King of fruits. Mangoes have several species which are very popular. As it is a summer fruit it is mostly found in summers. One of the most popular specie is Chaunsa which is produced in a variety in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is mostly originated from Multan ... Read More »

Anwar Ratole Mango


Anwar Ratole Mango is recognized for its rich flavor all around the globe. Undoubtedly it is familiar among the top tasting mangoes of the world. Anwar Ratole mangoes are extensively grown in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It can be spelled as Anwar Ratole or Anwar Rattaul Mango. History predicts that this mango was first cultivated by a person named ... Read More »

Summer Bahisht mango


Summer Bahisht mango when heard simply goes in love with this ultimate variety of nature.  It is a mango cultivator that is produced in various areas of the world. Almost hundreds of varieties of mangoes exist today but Summar Bahist has gained significant importance among all these. In Urdu Sammar means fruit and the word Bahist means Paradise or heaven. ... Read More »

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