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Balochistan Agriculture Project of USAID


In Pakistan’s economy Balochistan plays an essential role however is rigorously undeveloped as compared to other provinces. This province of Pakistan is the prominent source of domestic animals, agriculture and minerals.   Balochistan put forward plenty prospects for livelihood and financial intensification but needs intensive modification to make possible new methods of doing business.   The Government of Balochistan is widely supported ... Read More »

Hassan Shehryar Yasin


Pakistani fashion Designer Hassan Shehryar Yasin is mostly known by his short name that is HSY. He is a qualified fashion designer and has graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design. Yasin’s own fashion label was first introduced in the year 2000. In France, he was affiliated with the La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne. Even in couture he ... Read More »

Medjool dates


Medjool Dates are usually produced in the Middle East and North Africa, these can easily be cultivated in desert like areas in the world. Medjool’s are among the expensive dates and these are mainly valued for their large size. These dates are sugary in taste and are quiet juicy even when dried. There are number of dates present today but ... Read More »

Kamiar Rokini


A famous Pakistani Fashion Designer Kamiar Rokini or popularly known by his nick Kami. A qualified fashion designer graduated in 2000 from Pakistan School of Fashion Design. After his graduation he launched a brand name “Karma” with Maheen Ali in 2001. Karma leads to success due to his creative mind and became one of the most recognized brands in Pakistan. ... Read More »

Maria B


Maria Bedal popularly known as Maria B is one of Pakistan’s famous designer. From Pakistan School of Fashion and Design she has been graduated. In 1999, in March her label Maria B was launched. She learnt Patterns, drape and stitching by hand during her four years program at the Fashion School. Maria has also participated for the first time in ... Read More »

Dhakki Date


In the history of mankind date palm has played an essential role in providing food and shelter to numerous people. Pakistan is the great cultivator of date palm that is why it is known to be the 4th largest producer in the world.   In world’s production it contributes about 11%. Dera Ismail Khan is well-known for producing a prominent local ... Read More »



A shoe generates an impression that lifts up ones personality and gives a complete stunning look. Many brands in Pakistan are working to provide one of the finest shoes to their consumers among these all Borjan Pvt Ltd has also gained popularity for producing superlative quality shoes. This brand is into designing and dealing shoes through its personal retail and ... Read More »

Begum Jangi Date


In Islam dates have considerable value; this was the favorite fruit of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Many Hadiths and verses are present related to this magnificent fruit. In Pakistan, more than 150 varieties are grown in the areas like Sindh and Balochistan, but among all these very few are commercially viable. Dates are grown in deserted areas. Dates are of different ... Read More »

Ajwa Date


In the food items dates have significant importance and even in Islam they have prominent place. There are number of dates grown nationally and internationally. Mostly these are grown in desert areas. Like in Pakistan dates are grown in areas like Sindh and Balochistan. Among all dates Ajwa date   have noteworthy importance as these were the favorite dates of our ... Read More »

World Call Telecom Ltd


                            World Call Telecom LTD is Telecommunications Company of Oman known as “Omantel” that runs a multi service operator within Pakistan. In June 1996, company commenced its business with payphone operations. Amid fundamental shifts in industry and technology, improvement led to growth in diversified businesses with a ... Read More »

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