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Taffeta Fabric


Tafetta is a fabric that is made from silk or synthetic fibers; it is a very smooth, crisp and plain woven fabric. The word Taffeta is originated from Persia which means “twisted woven”. In Pakistan the most raw silk taffeta is produced. Tafetta is considered as a high-end fabric which is suitable for making wedding dresses, ball gowns and even ... Read More »

Silk Fabric


Silk fabric is basically a natural protein fiber; some varieties of Silk can be woven into textiles. The silk in mainly produced from an insect larva in order to form cocoons and protein fiber of silk is mainly collected from fibroin. From the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm the best known silk variety is attained. Silk for ... Read More »

Linen Fabric


Linen fabric is very much admired by every one; this high quality fabric is obtained from the fibers of the flat plant, Linum usitatissimum. This textile is valued for its outstanding coolness, freshness and originality when made into garments. Linen word came from West Germanic which relates with the Latin name for the plant linum. Many other fabrics including cotton, ... Read More »

Lawn Fabric


Lawn!! A signature fabric for all Pakistani women, they go crazy when the season of lawn starts, as it is very suitable for the climate of Pakistan. Lawn has became a prominent fabric in recent years as many well-known designers from Pakistan has shown their interest in this fabric but due to that the prices of lawn has gone out ... Read More »

Georgette Fabric


Pakistan holds a diverse variety of fabrics that are highly admired by people living here and even the people from other countries as well. Our country is extremely recognized all over the world for its cultural dresses. The quality fabric that we have within our country is highly cherished all around the globe. Like we have a variety of fabric ... Read More »

Cotton Fabric


Fabric plays an important role in dressing. Good fabric projects the personality of a person in a dominant way. In Pakistan, various types of fabrics are available from low, medium to high quality and in all prices and weights. Among all these fabrics Cotton fabric has also gained prominent importance, this fabric is equally liked by both men and women. ... Read More »

Chiffon Fabric


Chiffon fabric is recognized among the most luxurious fabrics of the world. Since 1700’s this luxury fabric was used in Europe to indicate status and wealth. Word chiffon is derived from the French word for a cloth or rag.  It is made from cotton, silk and synthetic fibers. It has a signature style of softness and is very soft, see ... Read More »

Raw Cotton in Pakistan


Cotton production support Pakistan’s largest industrial sector, it provides raw material to ginning factories textiles mills and oil expelling units. Raw Cotton in Pakistan is a natural fiber used in many products such as clothing to home furnishings and medical products. As a result cotton is always in demand though its use is subject to the strength of the overall ... Read More »

Centres of Creation-The Rug Markets in Quetta


If interior designing is your passion, If you want your home and office to look the amazing and the most unique then rug market Quetta can help you very much in this regard. In today’s article we will let you know about rug market Quetta and its specialities. We hope this will guide you in getting the perfect rug for ... Read More »

Carpets Rugs and Mats


Carpet weaving is an old art form of Pakistan and involved thousands of skilled man power throughout country. A massive rural population is associated with this cottage industry. Pakistani carpet and rugs have Irani, Afghani and mughal traditional touch the craftsmanship of Pakistani carpet reflect their ancient culture when they came from Iran Afghanistan and Samarkand Bukhara they were used to ... Read More »

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