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Medjool dates


Medjool Dates are usually produced in the Middle East and North Africa, these can easily be cultivated in desert like areas in the world. Medjool’s are among the expensive dates and these are mainly valued for their large size. These dates are sugary in taste and are quiet juicy even when dried. There are number of dates present today but ... Read More »

Dhakki Date


In the history of mankind date palm has played an essential role in providing food and shelter to numerous people. Pakistan is the great cultivator of date palm that is why it is known to be the 4th largest producer in the world.   In world’s production it contributes about 11%. Dera Ismail Khan is well-known for producing a prominent local ... Read More »

Begum Jangi Date


In Islam dates have considerable value; this was the favorite fruit of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Many Hadiths and verses are present related to this magnificent fruit. In Pakistan, more than 150 varieties are grown in the areas like Sindh and Balochistan, but among all these very few are commercially viable. Dates are grown in deserted areas. Dates are of different ... Read More »

Ajwa Date


In the food items dates have significant importance and even in Islam they have prominent place. There are number of dates grown nationally and internationally. Mostly these are grown in desert areas. Like in Pakistan dates are grown in areas like Sindh and Balochistan. Among all dates Ajwa date   have noteworthy importance as these were the favorite dates of our ... Read More »

Sindhri mango


Mangoes have always been a favorite fruit due to its rich taste, as it is very juicy and pulpy. In Pakistan, mangoes are cultivated in a large amount and are found in a variety in our country. Pakistan exports a large amount of mangoes to many countries. Mangoes in Pakistan are produced in Saraiki Belt, Multan and Sahiwal. Among all ... Read More »

Langra Mango


Mangoes!! A prominent fruit in summer and known to be the King among Fruits. We all are aware of the deliciousness and magnificent taste of this fruit. Almost thousands of varieties exist now days. Mangoes of different kind are cultivated in Pakistan and due to their superb quality they are heavily exported in number of countries and are quiet popular. ... Read More »

Dasehri mango


Mangos are found in number of species and all of them are desired by everyone. Almost hundreds of variety exists now days and about 450 are found in South Asia. In the world, Pakistan is the third largest exporter of mangoes. Among all popular species Dasehri is also the one. This variety of mango is developed in different divisions of ... Read More »

Chaunsa Mango


In Pakistan variety of mangoes are cultivated. Mangoes are known to be the King of fruits. Mangoes have several species which are very popular. As it is a summer fruit it is mostly found in summers. One of the most popular specie is Chaunsa which is produced in a variety in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is mostly originated from Multan ... Read More »

Anwar Ratole Mango


Anwar Ratole Mango is recognized for its rich flavor all around the globe. Undoubtedly it is familiar among the top tasting mangoes of the world. Anwar Ratole mangoes are extensively grown in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It can be spelled as Anwar Ratole or Anwar Rattaul Mango. History predicts that this mango was first cultivated by a person named ... Read More »

Summer Bahisht mango


Summer Bahisht mango when heard simply goes in love with this ultimate variety of nature.  It is a mango cultivator that is produced in various areas of the world. Almost hundreds of varieties of mangoes exist today but Summar Bahist has gained significant importance among all these. In Urdu Sammar means fruit and the word Bahist means Paradise or heaven. ... Read More »

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