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Bus Stands in Rawalpindi New slot games to play real money

Bus Stands in Rawalpindi New slot games to play real money

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Rawalpindi is the twin city of Islamabad. Rawalpindi is located on the northern side of Potohar plateau in the province of Punjab. Rawalpindi has developed rapidly after the recognition of Islamabad. Rawalpindi has grown economically as well as by population.

It attracts many international and domestic visitors. People within Punjab prefer to travel through busses and there are many domestic bus stands in Rawalpindi.

There are many bus terminals on the Grand Trunk Road which is also known by G.T road of which some operates the services of Daewoo. Most of the visitors to Rawalpindi prefer the services of Daewoo to visit Rawalpindi. The charges of Daewoo is a bit higher than other Bus service companies but the service and comfort of Daewoo compensate the higher fares charged to the passengers. You can either visit the reservation window on the terminal or can make a phone call to particular terminal’s booking and information centre. It also provides a short meal and is the most popular Bus service. If you are going to Lahore there will be daily departures from 5 am to around 10 pm. If you hire a VIP ticket which has a larger seats cost more than Rs.1500 and the economy class is of Rs 1010. The journey takes approximately 4 ½ hours.

The other bus stop of Rawalpindi is Kacheri Stop which is near Kacheri Chowk and on the Grand Trunk Road which connects to the airport road. The Civil Defence building of Rawalpindi is near the Kacheri Bus stop. Near Pir Wadhai Chowk there is a Bus station named as Pir Wadhai Bus Station where long distance buses arrive and leave. For short run there are many private companies who run a bus service. These private companies do not charge high rates. Northern Areas Transport Company also commences their services from Pir Wadhai Bus station which has several Gilgit-bound services. Silk route transport service also operates their business from Pir Wadhai Bus station and many Buses travels to Gilgit.

Skyways is a good haul operator and direct services to Rawalpindi are offered by Skyways from different destinations. Some of the destinations are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. The buses leave from the backside of Skyways hotel. The hotel is located on the Murree Road, Faizabad. There are many other services such as New Khan, Powers, Faisal Movers and Niazi Bus service. Some of them charge an economic fare of Rs.500-600.

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