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Bundal Island

Bundal Island

Bundal Island is also identified as Bundaar, which is an undersized island situated in the Arabian Sea off the sea shore of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is actually the local fishermen of this area that pronounces Bundal as Bhadar. It is a twin Island of Buddo that lies to its West. The famous tomb of MuslimSufi Yusf Shah” is also situated on Bundal Island. The Urs of Yusaf Shah that is held annually pull towards thousands of coastal inhabitants to the island. During the Urs the Island gives an impression of a city. Furthermore, near the Island Churma and Buddo Islands are also located. But unfortunately there is a difference of opinion among the provincial government of Sindh and Karachi Port Trust on the rights of 12,000 acres (49 km²) of land in these Islands.


To develop Bodha Island city on Bundal there is a Bahria Town signed an enterprise with the companies that includes company of Thomas Kramer. Almost 12,000 acres of land will be covered in this project with the expenditure of $20 Billion and this project will be accomplished in a span of 5-10 years but in 2016 the residential communities will hand the area to the people.

The comprehensive attractions of the project includes world’s tallest building, world’s largest shopping mall, medical city, educational, sports city, international city and a media city and these all will comprise the most modern facilities and services with the most superior transportation. But on the other hand the environmental damage and the adverse effects that the economy could suffer have raised the concerns of local NGO’s, political assemblies and even the Government of Sindh. Besides that there is uneasiness at a foreign company being sold the island.


Finally an agreement was signed by Pakistan Business tycoon Malik Riaz with an American investor Thomas Kramer on 11th March, 2013 to construct Bodha Island city in Bundal Island which is placed by the side of the cost of Karachi. It was assured in the plan that the world’s tallest building will be constructed in this island, which was the main center of attraction in the entire project as this will help to improve the economic condition of the region as well. In addition to that the project will offer employment to 2.5 million people and will provide houses to thousands of people which is the icing on the cake.


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