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Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi

Mehndi is a type of traditional fine art which was created in ancient Times. In Pakistan, the Mehndi is the most essential and filled with joy before several wedding ceremonies and is mostly celebrated by the family of Bride. Even in Bangladesh, they have separated Mehndi festival into two separate events; one is arranged by the family of Bride and the other one is organized by the family of groom. Mehndi is mostly celebrated in South Asian communities and Birmingham in UK is the place where lavish Mehndi festivals are organized.


In several Mehndi ceremonies typical elaborated Mehndi patterns are applied to brides. These designs are different from common designs. The Mehndi is applied fully on the hand and arm of the bride even to the foot as well, this look very attractive and special. Mostly the parents of bride book appointment in some parlor or appoint some professional Mehndi artist even somebody from the family whose expert in designing Mehndi is requested so that they might not face any problem on the day of occasion.


The bridal Mehndi ranges from 1000 and goes onward. It mostly depends upon the choice of parlor if the parlor is well-known it will charge more than the ordinary one. Mostly bridal chooses the same parlor for Mehndi and makeup, which is very convenient for them. They actually sign the whole package with one parlor. The parlor provides them a catalogue to choose the design according to their choice or leave the selection on them.


In 2013, many attractive designs are introduced which are different from the previous designs and are truly fabulous. These designs include simple, complicated, Arabic and many more which is appreciatable. Without mehndi designs on hand and foot, the bridal gives an incomplete look rather than a bride she looks to ordinary. So every bride wishes to apply the most unique and impressive design to look different and beautiful.


The best quality Mehndi cone is selected so that the color comes dark and which lasts for at least 3 weeks, as it said that the more the color of the Mehndi is dark the more she’ll be loved by her in-laws, which is quiet strange. When the Mehndi dries which took quiet time the bride applies oil or sugar syrup to get good results. The Mehndi is applied one day before the ceremony as it took time to dry and so may not spoil the dress of the bride. Some brides also pattern their grooms name in Mehndi designs which is quiet hilarious. The occasion mostly took place at bridal’s home or at any banquet hall and place is decorated according to the occasion.


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