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Boxing is a kind off a combat sport that played all over the world. There are two participants in a boxing match and fight against each other with their fists. A referee within the ring supervises the boxing contest. There are some ways to decide the winner of a match that includes!


If an opponent is not able to standup on his feet before the referee’s ten counts, he is knockout by his opponent.

Technical Knockout

In any case during the match if one fighter is not able to continue the match is called technical knockout.


The referee has the man authority in the boxing ring, so if there is a breach of the rules the referee can disqualify the opponent.

A complete match result

If you want to enjoy boxing match this is the only way that you can entertain yourself a full boxing bout, that may be continue until twelve or fourteen rounds. The judges that count the punches of both the fighter decides the winner and the highest hitter of the punches on the opponent face are declared the winner.

Boxing and Pakistan

We are, the Pakistanis famous for their passion about the Cricket and Hockey, but this is not correct. In fact, we are sports lover and the people of Pakistan salutes the players that raise the national flag in any international sport event without making any difference that this player is belonged to Cricket, Hockey, Squash, or any other game such as boxing too. Let’s take a look at some iconic personalities of Pakistan in the Boxing.

Prof. Anwar Chaudhary and his Achievements

The history of boxing in Pakistan is not complete without Mr. Anwar Chaudhry’s achievements; he is one of the best sports official in the world. He was elected as a president of “AIBA” International Amateur Boxing Association for three years. He also won UNESCO award for physical education and sports. He won many other awards too nationally and internationally.

Mr. Abdul Samad Mir

The awards list of Mr. Abdul Samad is very long, but in one line we can say that he is the biggest name in the boxing history of Pakistan that declared the best boxer of Asia in 1970 Asian games.

Pakistan basket of medals are not only filled by the Cricket, Hockey or Squash players, but in boxing our players also won many medals on the international level that includes, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The victorious players are Syed Abrar Hussain, Syed Hussain Shah, Asghar Ali, Mr. Mehrullah, Mr. Abdul Samad Mir, and Mr. Asghar Ali. Since 1970 we are on the winning track, and this history is repeated time to time.


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