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Biafo Glacier

Biafo Glacier

A well-known glacier in the mountains of Karakoram is known as Biafo Glacier which is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is about 63 km long glacier which meets Hipar Glacier which is 49 km long at a height of 5,128 m Hispar La to make the world’s largest glacial system outside the polar areas. The highway of ice also bond with two prehistoric mountain kingdoms and includes Nagar in the west and Baltistan in the east. The traverse uses 51 of the Biafo Glacier’s 63 km and the entire Hispar Glacier to shape a 100 km glacial route. This glacier presents as a vacationers with some days of very exhausting, often frantic rock hopping, with spectacular sights through all the way.


Moreover the beautiful Snow Lake is also positioned near its high point. Snow Lake contains the upper parts of the glacier and as well as its offshoot glacier Sim Gang, which is recognized as the world’s largest basins of ice or snow in the globe in the outer surface of the polar area that is about 1,600 m in depth.  Outside the polar region the Biafo glacier is considered as the third longest glacier of the world where as the second one is Siachen Glacier which is about 70 km but there is a dispute between Pakistan and India and Tajikistan as Fedchenker Glacier is 77 km long.


Campsites by the side of the Biafo are situated off of the glacier, flanking to the sideways moraines and vertical mountain surfaces. The initial three surfaces are attractive spots with water flowing nearer to it. The first two campsites that are Manglo and Namla are mostly enclosed with amazing flowers where as Namla comprises an astounding waterfall that exist just near the camping area. While the third camp site that is Baintha is usually used as a rest day.


Beautiful large green fields with few running streams exist just near the camp and numerous magnificent areas where one can spend its day rock climbing and rappelling. Even evidence of wildlife can be observed all the way through hike. The most prominent animals that are found here are Ibex and Markhor mountain Goat and the area is also well-known for wild animals like brown bears and Snow Leopards although they are not that much seen.

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