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Bhong Masjid

Bhong Masjid

Muslims of all over the world have showed their love for their religion Islam in different ways. If we talk about the architecture there are lots of Masjids that we can call a piece of art and a clear witness of their love towards Islam. These Masjids are designed and constructed with great effort and beautifully architecture. Pakistanalso has some beautifully designed masjids in the world and Bhong Masjid is one of them.

History & How to Get There

It is situated in Sadiqabad, a Tehsil of district Raheem Yar Khan in Bhong village. Sadiqabad city is located at the border of Punjab and Sindh province. You need to take the sadiqabad–Kashmor road to reach that Masjid.

The construction was started in 1932, and completed in 1982 after fifty years. The Bhong Masjid is famous for its superb design and a piece of architectural beauty with gold leaves required for complex designing patterns and elegant calligraphic work. It was the result of a dream that a Landlord had, in the dream he was ordered to build a Masjid and he will die if he stops the construction of that Masjid. So the elders of that area said that this landlord was died as he stops the construction of that Masjid within a week. The name of this Landlord is Rais Ghazi Muhammad Indhar.


The construction of the Masjid was done by specialists gathered from all over Pakistan and India. Master masons gathered from Rajasthan, India, Craftsman from Multan, Pakistan, calligrapher from Lahore, Iran,Spain, and Turkey. This Masjid is a clear example of traditional styles includes teak, ivory, colored glass, marble onyx, glazed tiles, etc. The Bhong Masjid is just not famous for its architecture, but also for its decoration too. A large range of calligraphy work has been done on the Quran versus that make this Masjid unique in Pakistan. The pictures of Islam’s holiest places are framed in real gold. The roof of the Masjid has complex glitter with the superb mirror work. There is no doubt to say that Bhong Masjid is an example of a living catalog that filled with many decorative techniques. One of its gateway designs, which takes from a similar gateway in Baghdad.

Distinguish Features of Bhong Masjid

The Bhong Masjid won the Sir Agha Khan Award for Architecture in 1986 at Morocco. After acquiring the award, the Bhong Masjid has become a site of interesting for architects all over the world.


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