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Bhangra is a form of folk dance associated with the culture in Punjab. The dance form basically originated in the Punjab region, located in both Pakistan and India. Bhangra is considered as the core ingredient of the festivities in the Punjabi culture, accompanied with a single-stringed instrument called the iktar, the tumbi and the chimta and the powerful beats of Dhol along with the inspiring Punjabi folk songs called “Bolis”. The folk dance began as a traditional way of celebrity occasions in the 11th century when Punjabi farmers conducted Bhangra to celebrate the coming of the harvest season.

The popularity of Bhangra in Pakistan is now not only limited to the region of Punjab, as it has gained fame in other parts of the country and has even crossed borders. In fact, Bhangra has developed as a combination of dances from different parts of the Punjab region including Jhumar, Luddi, Giddha, Julli, Daankara, Dhamal, Saami, Kikli and Gatka. Though, all the forms of dances reflect the true heritage of Punjabi culture, but among all of them Bhangra has gained immense recognition and popularity all over the world.

While performing the traditional Bhangra folk dance, men wear a chaadra, which a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist along with kurta and pagri. On the other hand, women wear a traditional Punjabi salwar kameez along with chunnis. With the span of time Bhangra welcomes many modern changes like remixes of the musical industry. Though the original feeling is still the same, but it is now blended with hip hop to give a trendy touch.

Bhangra folk dance has a strong influence to make any moment of celebration more colorful and vibrant, while representing the rich rural colors of Punjab. Due to its lively beats and energetic sentiments, Bhangra performance is considered as a mandatory item in weddings in Pakistan.


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